Feast of Voraniss I Coronation of the Druid King

April 06, 2019

Site was Camp Joslin - Charlton, MA.

Event Holder was Renee Booke.

Feastocrat was Craig Blais.

Event Description
Greetings to you, friends and allies of Voraniss,

In our home, Spring is a time of renewal. We cast off our winter fatigue and our worries and we concentrate on preparing ourselves for a new season of harmonious prosperity. Spring is also the time we celebrate new life and new beginnings. To that end, the peoples of Voraniss wish to indulge in a new tradition and invite you within our borders to celebrate with us for the first time. Voraniss is a wild country. Our cities are small and our people are fierce, but they are no less joyous to see the sun when the last snow thaws.

This year Voraniss also intends to name Hygar Athame as its Druid King; its unifier and source of inspiration for growth and greatness. You, our guests, are invited to bear witness to this sacred coronation ceremony and bring your business before the Voranian court once you run it by our local Magistrate. Please understand that our people take ritual and prayer very seriously, and will call the Spirits of the land to watch over these proceedings. Should you choose to speak of matters of importance, they will be listening.

Spring isn't just about our serious matters, however, it is also a time for merriment and comradery! For those of you who brave the trek into our forest, the locals have promised to feed you and entertain you with a wide array of challenges and contests of skill. If competition is not your thing, you might be better suited to meeting the locals on a more personal basis and learning of the various peoples and cultures that inhabit our lands. We're also hopeful that some merchants may brave the wilderness to come peddle their wares for you to peruse.

So please come and enjoy our hospitality, and rejoice with us as we celebrate this very auspicious occasion.

May the joyful Otter dance through your life,

Lady Kindrianna Athame
Event Wrap-up
Hello friends,

Please excuse my verbose nature but I must now take the time to thank the many, many people that helped make this event possible. For those of you that don't know, this was my first time as a Realms EH and I couldn't have done it without the aid of our generous community who were constantly offering help, support, friendship, and encouragement.

First, to my wonderful kitchen staff: Nola King, Marty Goldblatt, Don and Victoria Pulver, our Feastocrat Craig Blais and Lani who all tirelessly prepared enough delicious food for an army. A feast is nothing without its food and you all managed to deliver an abundance of tasty delight. Joe Sims, we also caught you checking on drinks for us and making sure they were stocked throughout the day.

Next, for help with the months of crafting, I have to thank my husband, Derek Booke, who crafted nonstop to help me realize my dream of a beautifully decorated hall, amazing handmade prizes, and scary looking NPC's that represented the locals of Voraniss. Lynn Butler was my makeup guru and den mother in the back, and many of you got to see her work come to life on our wandering NPC's. I also have to mention Justin Mitchell, who developed custom rune sets and created so many scrolls for me that I think he became fluent in Elven. Additionally, there is my talented Magic Marshall Alex Sokolowski. Thank you for all the meetings and discussion and helping me make the start of this story a reality. You brought a level of creativity and talent to this event that I deeply admire and want to utilize more in the future.

To Danielle Guimont, you were a rock star! You showed up early and helped with set up, stayed late and helped with clean up, and even aided me all day by checking on things outside the hall and making sure we were all stopping to hydrate. Thank you for going above and beyond for us, you are a true friend.

Thank you to DJ and Sarah for running our reg-desk and directing people towards various tournaments. Sarah also designed the Voraniss silver and Wolfsbane collecting licenses for a more IC check-in experience, organized Bardics and court. Ted Vecchitto generously stepped up and volunteered to run our gaming corner and contributed a game of his original design for players to have fun with, not to mention all the time he took to play test games we may use in the future. We also had Jennifer Gallagher who was in charge of Rhiassa Cub Care and entertained the little adventurers all day. It seems like they had a blast! We also lucked out because we had the charity of Anthony Quintana donating prizes and arrows to the armory.

To Matt Butler, Kelly Bonci, and Jason Gray: Thank you all for letting me pick your brains about all sorts of things. Your advice and mentorship meant so much to me. Jason, you also sent me a lot of what you had so I didn't have to stress out about waivers or PEL's and jumped in to assist with a very important NPC role when I needed it. I will not forget your kindness.

Next, to our vendors who filled our hall with an exciting array of their crafts wares: Mercenary Market, Realms Outfitters, and Arken Auction. Thank you for your contribution to immersion and making the day feel more like a festival!

I'd also like to thank Zach Senchuk, Aaron and Melissa Metzger, Joshua Bryant, Ethan Goldman (who also drove up early in the morning to check and see if we were okay) and all the other kind and generous people that volunteered to help us with clean up after the day was through. I know there are more of you, so you have my sincerest apologies if I didn't catch you while I was busy running around. Just please know how much I appreciated all of the help.

Lastly, to my nation: As I mentioned to you all before, I couldn't have gotten this far without you. Down to a person you were all eager to help and assist with whatever needed to be done and I was never lacking in volunteers. I am grateful to know you all and want to thank you again and again.

To the community: One last thank you to all who attended. Your support made this event special for myself and our entire nation and we can't wait to host you again. Hopefully, we will see you next year! Please take the time to fill out our PEL for the event. We want to learn from our efforts and can't do that without the information you provide. What was successful about the event, what could be better?

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