A Very Merry Virtu-Yule at Cecil's Uncle's Crazy Tavern 3

December 12, 2020 (An unofficial virtual Realms Event)

Event starts at 05:00 PM, on Saturday December 12, 2020.
Event ends at 02:00 AM, on Sunday December 13, 2020.

Cost is free to attend the virtual event, $20 for the Event-in-a-Box, see Other Notes & Information.
Pre-registration ( magic reg ) is required (Register for Event).

Event Holders
Becky Baron (Unofficial)
Patrick Bobell (Unofficial)
Kelly Bonci (Unofficial)
Matthew Brenner (Unofficial)
Beth Tozier (Unofficial)
Sean Veale (Unofficial)
Michael Zajac (Unofficial)
Event Description

Party like there is no tomorrow!

Is your quaran-time dragging on? Are you stuck with the wrong kind of Corona? Do you miss having inappropriately large amounts of inappropriate fun with your Realms friends? Do we ever have good news for you!

This year Cecil’s Uncle’s Crazy Tavern is going virtual! We cannot party in person, but that does not mean we cannot party together. We will get together in Discord and Zoom, and it will be great.

Celebrate with an Event-In-A-Box!

While the stars have conspired to prevent us from celebrating in person, our yule team is doing their best to send a little bit of firelit tavern to your homes! What will be in this specially delivered parcel of festivity, you ask? A compilation of our greatest hits! Sans flam, perhaps a treat from your favorite Yule tree, festive activities to do along with other folks at home, maybe a bit of festive Yuletide decorations? If you wrote a letter to Pater Yule or are participating in the Gift Swap, your gifts will be delivered alongside your Event-In-A-Box!

Get a virtual visit from Pater Yule!

The Yule season would not be complete without a visit from Father Yule! Even if his visit needs to be virtual this year, he will still find a way to deliver gifts to all those who have made requests. As usual, he will be dropping by twice during the festivities; early for the children and later for the adults. Don't forget, though, the only guaranteed way to be on his Nice List is a paid pre-registration before December 1st!

Swap gifts!

Per tradition, the annual in-character gift swap to bring yuletide joy to your friends will be happening! Please contact Twen before November 20th if you are interested. (Send an email to kelly@bonci.net)

Drink like you are at the bar!

This year most of us cannot drink together. However, if we have learned anything from 1020 it is that we can drink together . . . apart. So, while it may feel like you are drinking alone, in reality . . . well, you are. But so are your friends!

Sit back, enjoy a cocktail or mocktail and toast away your cares!

Other Notes

All attendees must pre-reg via this form: http://reg.ucct.fyi

To receive your Pater Yule gift and/or Event-In-A-Box, we'll need you to send $20 to Matt Brenner before December 1st via paypal: matthew.j.brenner@gmail.com
Please use the "send money to a friend" option.

To participate in the gift swap, you need to email Kelly Bonci at kelly@bonci.net before November 20th!