Emergency EH Meeting, October 2021

October 06, 2021

Site was Digital/Virtual - Online, MA.

Event Holder was Pi Fisher.

Event Description
This is an Emergency EH Meeting to discuss the CRB's report sent to the EH mailing list on August 29th. This meeting will be held over Zoom, and I will send the Zoom link to EHs and those named in the report the day of or the day before.

If you are an EH, you can read the email that was sent to the EH list [in the RealmsNet email archives](https://www.realmsnet.net/emails/179734).

Per [the Omnibus](https://www.realmsnet.net/rules/omnibus#emergency-eh-meetings),
> The proceedings of an Emergency EH Meeting should remain close to the topic(s) of the original issue(s). However, if additional topics related to the original matter are identified prior to or during the course of the meeting, the scope of the meeting may be expanded to include the new issues at the discretion of the assembled Event Holders.

Emergency EH Meetings are flexible. As such, I can't give an agenda and promise that the meeting will stick to it without adding anything extra. That said, I can give a rough outline of the meeting, mostly summarized from [the CRB rules about the meeting](https://www.realmsnet.net/rules/complaint_review_board#adjudication-of-complaints).
* Introduction/welcome from me: a "reading of the rules", if you will
* An overview of the case from Jon Jessop, Chair of the CRB
* Opening statements
* A discussion of the case (I expect this to be the bulk of the meeting)
* A vote to end the discussion portion
* People suggest options for what (if any) action is warranted
* A vote to end the suggestion portion
* A vote on the preferred course of action ("do nothing" counts as a "course of action")
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