Feast of Folkestone XXII Still My Kitchen

September 02, 2022

Site was Watutca Boy Scout Camp - Northwood, NH.

Event Holder was Liz Butler.

Event Description
Please use this paypal link and choose friends and family:

Welcome friends once again to the Halls of Folkestone for a night of revelry and of course FOOD!

We will be trying a few new things as well as bringing back the tried and true recipes.

The Clontarf Casino will be in full action with engaging gambling games.
Hope you win big!

**Stacked Deck Tournament:** 
50 gold buy-in, 6000 chips. There is one 50 gold rebuy when you are at 1000 chips or less in the first hour, or at the end of the first hour anyone who has not done a rebuy may do one add-on 50 gold for an additional 6000 chips. Rebuys will not be available after the first hour. When you first buy in, you will be given an opportunity to buy 1000 extra chips for 5 gold. This 5 gold will go directly to the dealer as a tip. standard blinds will be used. Tournament will last 3 hours and start when enough people sign up.  

Of course there will also be our wonderful auction, where you can spend all your winnings. 

***The order of the Lunar Aegis is excited to be hosting the night quest again this year, below is an IC letter posted on the borders of Folkestone; ***

It has been almost a full year since we stumbled into these lands.  In desperate times I called on their people for help. Prior to our arrival, my scouts had reported that Andi was last seen on your planet, and in unfamiliar lands many virtuous people openly assisted me in finding her. I do not blame them for what happened that night. Though I do wish to gain more knowledge on what went wrong. I'd like to arrange a meeting to speak to the few who called to me after the incident, Janus & Rosetta and any others who may have information. 

Our portal remains frozen in time on your borders. When our Light was consumed the faith of most of my people went with it. Some have become violent and have deserted our home. We are trying our best to keep balance. I am trying my best. Around this time we would usually be prepping for the New Moon ritual, now we are pouring our resources into fixing the Oasis. I know deep down not all Light has been lost, it can't be.  

With the wagons traveling in and clear preparations starting, the large gathering must be scheduled to happen here again soon. I'm hopeful the people will be just as willing to aid us now in our desperate time of need. 

Walk out of the Darkness,
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