TOC 25

May 25 - May 28, 2018

Site was Little Creathorne Farm - Grafton, NH.

Event Holders were Andrew V. Disbrow, Rebecca Garbos, Kevin Legace, Alexander Sokolowski.

Event Description
updates will be at the facebook page :    If you are 
not on it please ask to be and we will add you.    

send pre reges and $$ and or make checks to

Andrew V. Disbrow 
702 Main ST.
Grafton, NH 03240

Tournaments, oldbies, newbies, lots of people. You Eat in order of 
reg like we used to do everyone will be issued a tag with a number 
on it so get your pre-regs in!!!

Andy and Neil, will be cooking so please let them know any dietary

People paying at the door($??) we cannot guarantee you food, 
preregister. (we kept the same prices as last year)

There are 6 free slots for full time event staff email A. Disbrow 
for these slots.(slots: ) 

Please contact me if you want to NPC Make sure to put "CREATHORNE 
NPC" into the subject line or the e-mail may get deleted . Also include how many nights you are 
NPC (there are three nights total), your REAL name, and any other 
pertinent information in the body of the e-mail.(there are no free 
slots this year but we have  a Rafael each day  you npc you get a
ticket to put in the raffle we do the drawing after we close down 
event extra tickets for helping with NPC clean up. Make sure you 
your info on your ticket so we can get hold of you if u leave site
early... cool prizes

Marshals: See Jarrod Marshall, he will be our head marshal again 
this year.(6 slots: filled! ).
Non com Mrashals: ( slots Filled)

 There will be 6port-a-potties this year but they will be emptied
Sunday am. Main fire pit behind the tavern with benches Will be at
full swing, PG rated activities until 2am. There will be an 
Pit so people who do not want to be at the main pit can dance 
there after 2am.

Poker: We would like to start these every night at 6 pm but if we 
have to do them later or after the night quest we will but we do 
understand finishing a poker tournament at 4am is NOT the best 
idea but we are at the point where if players do not show to the 
event friday untill 9-10 pm... we are kind of stuck untill we get 
8+ players..

Friday night 25 gold buy (start time 6pm)
Saturday night 50 gold buy in (6pm)
Sundayday night 100 gold buy in (Start time 1 hour after awards)

999.9% deck of cards part of Grand Prize per night along with the 
pot. and points awarded to 1-4th places for each tournament 
towards final in January 2019

Some of the old trails have been re-opened.  And we will be doing 
more for the night quests. Again smoke, Fireworks, Fire and 
lights will be used, just a FYI.

Order of the List recorded tournaments

Tournaments you will need to know about before you arrive: 
desert cooking = must be COOKED at a campsite over a open fire, 
Brewers competition = you BREW (NOT MIX) it we judge it no more 
one bottle per entrant. Ben and Jana are doing a campfire-cooking
tournament (more to come) 

Siege equipment !!not to be used against real 
people!! Build a catapult or ballista etc. and shoot for distance. 
You bring it you take it home (don't even think about leaving any 
part of it on site.)

Also we are doing several card tournaments this year.  We will 
Magic the Gathering  open only (it is regged with DCI for those of 
who keep track of DCI),risk,and some more new stuff.  If you want
to enter these tournaments, you need to bring your own cards.

Live steel competitions: we will be providing the live steel.

Combat tournaments-we will be logging  up to 4th place this year
points will be registered with the "Order of the List" With this 
recording to 4th place we are getting custom medals made for 1st
multi-person tournaments and 2nd & 3rd, 4th will be certificates 
Individual first place tournaments will be  our usual prizes..

Creathorne Hula casino, black Jack again have some cool additions
hope you like them.

There will be kids tournaments and a kids day quest.we have some 
stuff here too.

      Hope to see you all on site..
      Staff T.O.C.
Event Wrap-up
Have been thinking of what to say for a few days.  I want to thank everyone who attended, helped, staffed and behaved J Npc’s busted their asses all 3 days, the tavern staff was amazing MJ was a massive help all over the place and could not talk most of the weekend.  The Marshals are always the best Jarod marshal always delivers a great team! The weekend was a load of fun I was very tired after this ToC I was on duty all 4 nights till very late one night was blue o’ clock. I did not see any real incidents in the evenings and to my knowledge only one alcohol incident where the person miss judged the damp wet level and slipped in to the wet area..

With some of what has been happening in the game, our community and in the world I found it Very important to ensure the safety of all of our players personally. I hand checked every single weapon, shield, bow and arrow on site. Was this time consuming? Yes…It also took up MY time but I think this year it was necessary. I failed a 45lb bow, 50+ arrows with split heads, Pipe arrows  with cracked pipe under the duct tape,  a tun of brand new weapons with No thrusting tips, broken down weapons with no strapping tape holding the pipe to the foam,. Foam with holes in it, compressed thrusting tips, foam with worn down  contact areas mid sword where core material was easily felt and much more. Shields with sharp metal exposed and foam edges not secured to the shields edges at all.  Next year we to  will have  a few people doing this to speed things up but it is important and seeing what was found I would suggest it happen at more events.

For the most part people were very well behaved, stayed in Character and in garb as best they could. Some of the new garb people are getting is very nice, we even had a great Toga ! We did have a OOC area for Friday night’s Celtic game with a wide screen attached to a tree. The OOC area stayed where I asked them to stay and at a respectable noninvasive level .The IC players respected their space, and  Saturday everything was put away and most enjoyed the rest of the weekend.

The War tournament on Sunday, some injuries before any fighting started set a tone I think BUT from all accounts all the fights were very clean. The awards went pretty fast the choices of prizes seemed to make people happy.  Site was left pretty clean and the trash was sorted pretty well.

Changes for next year: 
We have been asked to have a camp site competition.
Children under 12 will not be in adult tournaments and quests.
Children at activities must have an adult with them from now on.
Champion’s tournament will be monitored more closely for “teaming up”.
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