Welcome to the Realms

And welcome to a world of possibilities! Go beyond the tabletop in our medieval and fantasy-based Live Action Role Playing (LARP) system. You create your in-game persona, and act the part of your character at one of our many events scheduled throughout the year. Do you prefer a sword or a spellbook, or a little of both? Will you train for a knighthood, join a nation, become a mage? Pit yourself against others in tournaments, or solve the puzzle on the quest? Throw lightning from your hands, or heal with just a few words? In the Realms, you forge your own path - and make your character come to life!

Originally known as the Realms of Wonder, our game has been in existence since the 1980's, making us one of the older LARP systems in the New England area. While we have grown and evolved over the years since our founding, one thing about The Realms remains consistent - the large community of players that dedicate time, skill, effort, and imagination into supporting the game and each other. In fact, The Realms is entirely a community- based game; we are not run by a single governing body but rather make yearly changes and fixes to the rules based on player proposals and voting.

The Realms uses foam-padded mock weapons, commonly known as "boffers," to simulate combat. Unlike many other LARPs, we use a "hit location"-based system to track damage, rather than hit points. We are also a "lightest-touch" game, meaning that any blow felt by a player, no matter how light, must be taken as damage. The Realms also features an elaborate system of spells and magic that provides characters the ability to do many different things within the game beyond the sword - offensively, defensively, and everything in between.

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Quite simply, events are where the game happens. As Realms is community-driven, all of our events are held by players or groups of players within the game. This means that each event can be as different as the people who are running it, and allows for many different plot lines and stories for players to choose from when deciding which events to attend. While there are three primary types of events in Realms - quests, tournaments, and feasts - you will find that many events often incorporate elements from more than one. The next few Realms events coming up are:

Rise of the Gi-sistance
Sutton, MA
July 27 - July 28, 2024
Rhiassa Presents: Queen of Hearts XXIX
Belchertown, MA
August 10 - August 11, 2024

There are also many groups within the game who hold weekly practices across New England, giving new and older players alike a chance to hone their boffer skills. Practices are a great way to meet people and get involved even before you hit your first event. Check out the calendar to see when and where these practices take place (denoted by the red color).

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This website is a central repository for rules, event information, and community resources for the Realms. You do not need to sign up on RealmsNet in order to play in the Realms, but doing so will give you access to more functionality (including mailing lists, event archives, the player and character databases, and much more). Click below to register and join the community.

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