TOC 26

May 24 - May 27, 2019

Site was Creathorne Farm - Grafton, NH.

Event Holders were Andrew V. Disbrow, Rebecca Garbos, Jarrod Marshall, William Moore.

Event Description
Come one, Come All to Tournaments of Creathorne 22!!!!
A weekend of food, friends, adventures, and (of course) 

Along with all of your typical combat tournaments, there are a 
whole lot of others. What hidden talents do you have? Can you cook 
or bake? Try the Campfire Dessert tourney, where you make your 
best dessert over a campfire. (Sign up at 
least a week before hand.) Do you like to make your own alcohol? 
Wine? Mead? Beer?  Bring us your best and we?ll decide.  This is 
not a mixed drink tournament. Are you an engineer of sorts? Try 
your hand at the Siege Weapons tournament.  Catapults, 
Trebruchet?s, etc? who?s can throw the farthest? Please take your 
masterpiece with you when you leave. 

Don?t for forget all of our regular non com?s as well.  Don?t 
forget your cards!  Magic the Gathering will happen. We will also 
have a dominion tournament.  Practice your songs and your stories 
for this years Bardics.  New this year.... JUGGING! 

We will also have stuff for the young adventurers to do.  
Tournaments on Saturday and a special quest on Sunday.  Both are 
loads of fun.  And prizes to be had for all of them.

Got a pocket full of coins?  The Creathorne Hula Girl Casino will 
be in full swing to help lighten your load.  

Basic Schedule to plan your weekend?

	Friday -- 	Bardics around the main fire pit and night 
	Saturday -- 	Tournaments
			Bardics around the main fire pit
			Night quest
	Sunday -- 	Tournaments
			Cooking and brewers tournaments
			Story time at the main fire pit
	Monday --	Great Goblin Hunt (?)
			NPC raffle
			Clean up

We look forward to seeing you all there!!!!
							Sir Sean,
Event Wrap-up
Andy: Good Morning / Bon matin / Mae Govannon,
A little time to recover from ToC and figure out what all to say. First I want to thank everyone for such a great weekend , there was no real Drama, no real drinking issues everyone seemed to respect each other and play nice. Site was kept pretty clean most of the weekend very little reminding to pick up trash etc..  Camps etc were left very clean!! Seth Hurney went around  the site after everyone left an d there was very little in his trash bag, So THANK YOU!   I did not see any Tents left behind, A Quick reminder, EVEN IF YOU PRE REG YOU HAVE TO SIGN IN!!!  Kabes and crew always a pleasure having you guys NPC. It was great getting surprised by Dec, and Collin showing up to Bring Jarod a sub! All and all I really did not have to yell at anyone this weekend which was great.  Talked to Jarod he said everone was great in the tournaments!  We have some changes for next year that we will announce soon. Really wanted to Thank everyone people throw in and help move water buckets, help set up, move things take down and set up tents, move tables etc..  We try and include all of the Community as best we can with the events we throw not just because we are old and we have done it this way for years but our events we throw  are part of the entire game everyone is part of making it happen and without all of you it would be less than it is. Hope Everyone had fun and see you all again next year.

From the Npc Crew:  Hello all. I have spoken with my group and wanted to relay that everyone had a great time this year. This was probably the most fun we have ever had NPCing for the night quest in the past 11 years of doing it. Thanks again for having us! We look forward to next year.

Becky:  I want to thank Tara Pregent, MJ Rodriguez, Emma Dun, and Danielle Guimont for busting serious butt helping me clean my tavern and making it as event ready as possible. You ladies are the best. I also want to thank MJ and Emma for spending the weekend picking up after everyone in and around the tavern. Thank you to Pete Starky for not only bringing amazing coffee but making the coffee every morning. I truly appreciate it. Thank you to everyone who got a certificate that I totally screwed up on and ran with my goof. You guys are great for your understanding. Thank you to all who pitched in to help us set up and clean up. There were a lot of you. We couldn’t have pulled it all off without you. You guys rock!

Liam:  Josh & Rose for NPCing the whole weekend
Beth for playing the ‘Alchemist’ excellently played, and that garb was perfect
Amy and her two friends (sorry forgot your names) without them I don’t think I would have pulled off Saturday Night and definitely not Sunday.  Between setting up everything and them handling the non-com parts was outstanding, can’t thank them enough.
Rock for helping setup Saturday in prep for Sunday.
Ben & Danielle for last minute prop building and setting up the gate.
Jen V’s friends (sorry forgot their names) for helping create the venom vials, and Bhut sacks. Sean, Jamison and Jason for breaking down the black plastic Sunday morning - that was HUGE!
James for bringing the black plastic
Ben and Jana for the advise on running the event
Craig for helping out being a second right hand man
Jen C. for bring the masks that helped in a pinch because I forgot my vests.
To all the rest of those that NPC’d, and helped setup that I may have forgotten their names
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