TOC 27

May 22 - May 25, 2020 (Not an official Realms Event)

Site was Creathorne Farm - Grafton, NH.

Event Holders were Ally Cunningham, Andrew V. Disbrow, Jarrod Marshall, William Moore.

Event Description
perhaps postponed perhaps canceled not may 2020 covid 19 plague...

looking at something virtual for saturday night will keep people posted

Come one, Come All to Tournaments of Creathorne 27!!!!
A weekend of food, friends, adventures, and (of course) 

Along with all of your typical combat tournaments, there are a 
whole lot of others. What hidden talents do you have? Can you cook 
or bake? Try the Campfire Dessert tourney, where you make your 
best dessert over a campfire. Or the Campfire Chopped tourney. We 
provide the food, you provide the cooking talent. (Sign up at 
least a week before hand.) Do you like to make your own alcohol? 
Wine? Mead? Beer?  Bring us your best and we?ll decide.  This is 
not a mixed drink tournament. Are you an engineer of sorts? Try 
your hand at the Siege Weapons tournament.  Catapults, 
Trebruchet?s, etc? who?s can throw the farthest? Please take your 
masterpiece with you when you leave. 

Don?t for forget all of our regular non com?s as well.  Don?t 
forget your cards!  Magic the Gathering will happen. We will also 
have a dominion tournament.  Practice your songs and your stories 
for this years Bardics.  New this year.... JUGGING! 

We will also have stuff for the young adventurers to do.  
Tournaments on Saturday and a special quest on Sunday.  Both are 
loads of fun.  And prizes to be had for all of them.

Got a pocket full of coins?  The Creathorne Hula Girl Casino will 
be in full swing to help lighten your load.  

Basic Schedule to plan your weekend?

	Friday -- 	Bardics around the main fire pit and night 
	Saturday -- 	Tournaments
			Bardics around the main fire pit
			Night quest
	Sunday -- 	Tournaments
			Cooking and brewers tournaments
			Story time at the main fire pit
	Monday --	Great Goblin Hunt (?)
			NPC raffle
			Clean up

We look forward to seeing you all there!!!!
							Sir Sean
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