Invictus Questing

July 20 - July 22, 2018

Site is Rudys Land - Pittsfield , NH (View Map).
Site opens at 5pm and closes at 5pm

Event starts at 06:00 PM, on Friday July 20, 2018.
Event ends at 04:00 PM, on Sunday July 22, 2018.

Cost is $20 Pre-Reg, $25 at the door.
Cost via Paypal is $20.00 per person.

Event Holders
Diana La Pierre
Josh Learned
Eric Marques
Event Description

The seas are calm off the coast of Rathkele. No storms, no rain, nary a puffy cloud in the sky. Would that was good news to the people of Rathkele. Instead, there is no explanation for the ships disappearing off its coast with not a trace to be found. 

At first, it was just the ships that were embarking on long trips, but as time passes, even ships that are out on daily voyages are being affected. The phenomenon is affecting vessels of all types, fishing and merchant alike, and seemingly at random. The locals, at least those with free will, are becoming concerned that this is just the preface to a much more concerning story. 

Perhaps plunderers lay in wait off of the coast of Rathkele, waiting to loot and pillage the boats. Or, maybe something is there which does not wish to be found. Either way, opportunity awaits on the Isles of Rathkele. Who will be those brave enough to venture forth and discover the truth?


This will be a questing event revolving around an Invasion of Rathkeale. Friday night will be a chance to use spells and learn about the potential options for attack and defense on Saturday, there will be some questing as well. 

The rest of the weekend you will have multiple options of challenges to weaken the enemy forces and stop the invasion. It will be very difficult to complete them all, so plan wisely. Expect to run into various types of fights, stealth and sneaking, standard questing, siege battles. It would be in your best interest to bring equipment for many different styles of encounters. You will be able to tailor equipment at basecamp for the specific encounter, you will not need to carry equipment the entire event. There will be questing and content on Sunday.  

This is a new enemy arriving that were excited to be unveiling. We have a lot of fun stuff planned for the weekend, but this is just the beginning. Come on out and get in at the start.
Rules Changes and Notes
There will be designated camping areas, please try and stay in them. 
No illegal drugs or substances on site. This is a dry site. 

No pets, including service animals on site. 

This is a new site that we are using for the first time and also someones home. Please 
be respectful.

Rule changes and special calls will be announced at the event.
Other Notes
This is a dry/ drug free site and no dogs allowed
Rudys Land
462 Tilton Hill rd
Pittsfield , NH 03263
GPS 462 tilton Hill rd Pittsfield nh 03263.   The driveway is on the left side of the road