Neden Monster Clean up 3 Something Something Survival there will be zombies Im sure

July 15, 2018

Site was Mine Falls - Nashua, NH.

Event Holder was Ethan Goldman.

Event Description
BBQ did you go and see all that stuff that led to the awesome Quest.

Man o man what a quest to with all the wooooosh and all the bam...To nice...

Well anyways you guys missed like 500 hundred or so of these bad guys come 
clean it up....Also kill your friends and survive a time limit and encroaching space.

1) MONSTER tokens, you get tokens for killing
types of MONSTERS. Collect 5 and turn them in for another life, or hold on to
them and go for the title MONSTER KILLER
(the person with the most undead tokens wins this title).

2) PvP tokens are stealable.
Have the most other player lives at the end of the event and go for
(the person with the most
player tokens wins this title).

3) Players who retain their original lives and gain the most lives by
turning in undead tokens by the end of the event, will go for the
TITLE MOST LIVELY(Collect and retain your own lives to win this title).  
 The overall winner will be the Soul Survivor (or if there are multiple by the end of 
the clock whoever has the most lives) this person will get a magical Ribbon used to 
back one of those crazy trinkets you all have.

 The MONSTER Killer Award will be given this weird artifact we haven't been able to 
identify yet, it seems to keep changing its magical property. Priest Z and Sir Naj 
have assured me they can pin point the properties soon.
(Person with most MONSTER Kills)

For you assassins in the crowd who are showing up to hunt your friends in the 
friendly competition there will be a GOLD CASH prize for those who have the most 
player lives.

Mini Bosses. There are some particular harder folkes roaming around dropping all 
kinds of loot. We need to clear these guys out so they don't wander inside the 
castle, making a mess of all my nice stuff. Who wants there nice stuff 
destroyed...No one that's who.

Chest generators.
Through out the map there will be chests for you to discover. Chest can contain 

Upgrade in combat.
Casters 2 and 3 paths you get to weild 3'8 single shorts in addition to all your 
1 paths and Fighters, you guys get full suites of magical Neden armor that only the 
really smart people can see (Section armor you don't need to wear as per your 

So come for the thrill, come for the excitement, come to hunt down your friends like 
wild game, but also come because basically, we need to clean this mess up before 
Lord Nymbous will let us throw our super big bash. No one wants Brain slugs in 

O and of Course we will have our Pizza Zombies roaming around.........

Duke Sir Syruss O'Leary of Neden
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