Nedengiving 3 Thankful for another year with your Neden Pals

November 25, 2018

Site was American Legion Haverhill, MA - Haverhill, MA.

Event Holder was Callahan Marsden.

Feastocrat was Emilio Jimenez.

Event Description
It is that time of year again when we reflect on all the great things we have done this last season. It is also a chance to be heroes to many who have very little.

Join your local Neden boys for the annual Can drive for a local Veterans.

It has been another crackerjack year for the boy-o's and we are so happy to share 
in our bounty. Join us once again as we break bread 
with Naj's famous cooking Turkey, Ham, Potatoes, Greens, Stuffing, 
Appropriately Plated Cranberry Sauce and much much more.

The Nedsonian Museum is back with glorious treasures... 
Come to take a gander at the ever-increasing O'Leary lineage, see what marvels we found underneath his bed and couch cushions, make a bid on an item of power you desire. 

The Neden Carnival will be in full swing with more attractions and attendants to 
help get you the tickets you all clamor for.

Of course, we will have the New Eden Casino for you to spend and earn money 
plus the New Eden Emporium shops will be set up for you to spend every cent you earn.

There will be tourneys for your entertainment, plus Bardics and the 
return of Dresdens what I am thankful for competition.

We will have two different Ticket colors for Auction Items.
One from competing in games and tourneys one for Donating Cans for Charity.

We will also be having a special auction for those weird green backs for some of Neden Forges fancy items.

So come on down and support you local Neden Crew.

Lord Sir Syruss O'Leary
Event Wrap-up
Once again on behalf of Neden, we thank you our friends of the Realms for braving the weather and cold and heading to the wild wild north to Neden for our annual feast of thanks.

We had some great fights, fun games were played, prizes were one, food was consumed and we witnessed excellent performers. We saw, singers and poets we heard why you were all grateful, we presented award-winning cranberry sauce to our Kazoo Compatriot and we all gorged on Sir Naj's excellent spread. 

It is my hopes that you enjoyed yourself and that you will return in one years time when we try to up the ante and bring you even more extravagant fun and merriment. 

Thank you again for your company see you all soon.

Love and Respect
Lord Sir Syruss O'Leary

I don't even know where to begin because I am so grateful for everyone who was involved yesterday, both staff and event goers.

First of all to my Kitchen Staff Emilio who has elevated himself to my #2 and right-hand man in Neden was the General in that kitchen leading his troops throughout the day to bring you all those delicious morsels that you all partook on at yesterdays festivities. But he would not have been able to do what he did without his troop so thank you Mike Z., Sean G., Drew L., Jacquelyn Q, David A. and Leilani E. It was those workhorses that slaved in that "compact" kitchen t and kept us fed all day.

I want to thank Kyle G. and Ethan for manning the Carnival. We keep adding to the excitement in that corner so please stop on by (also if you want to see the Neden Traveling Carnival fat one of your gatherings please feel free to ask)

Ethan was also busy working the Reg Desk when free with Alexander our wonderful Magic Marshal. Speaking of Alex he doubled as our Museum curator providing you with Intimate tours of the Nedsonian Museum of Wonders...

Tony and Jacob for once again running the combat tournaments. 
Tony for providing fun mystery chests that appeared out of nowhere to entertain our young adventurers as well as floating around helping me out as needed.

Speaking of floating around Back to Ethan. Ethan helped tag every prize, ran to the store multiple times and all in all was a rock star whenever I needed him.

Nick C. and Justing T. for running the bardic and they why I am thankful tournaments. Their public speaking and flair for the dramatic always help spice up these events.

James Murphy for running a Poker game for patrons with a pension for gambling.

To all the Vendors and EH's who donated to the Cash Auction for Mr. Theriault. (Steve and Meg M, Andy D. and ToC Staff, Matt B. and Blackwood EH staff, Jason G. Folkestone EH staff, Jason R. Rhiassa EH Staff, James Murphy coin purse, Jaha and Grimloch, Vandorias Vestments, The Mercenary Market and all the Neden boys who donated their skills and crafts.)

Lastly to you the patrons. You are the reason this event is so successful. It is your charitable nature that continues to make a noticeable difference year after year. This year we tasked our selves with three different charities. Our annual Can Food Drive for Veterans Nother East Veterans Center, Becky Garbos Walk to Stomp out Diabetes and a Fund Raiser in support of Rick Theriault's battle with Brain Cancer. You guys blew all expectations out of the water with your kindness and generosity. 
To put it in perspective in 2016 we raised 175 cans last year we raised 260 this year we raised 442 cans of food for homeless vets. We continue to push that number higher and higher feeding more and more people. We also raised over 200 dollars from proceeds from the door that will be used for Becky Garbos's annual Walk to Stomp out Diabetes. Lastly and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for showing up and supporting Justin Theriault and his Dad as he goes through the difficult journey of battle brain cancer. We as a community know all too well the sting of this awful disease and with that, I am proud to say we raised over 450 dollars to help support Mr. Theriault during this time.  

While I can go on and on thanking countless individuals I will simply say this. THANK YOU. Thank you for continuing to be the community that I fell in love with, thank you for continuing to show that families come in all shapes and sizes but mostly for reminding of how much we can achieve when we come together for a noble cause. 

Please take a moment to review the event if you were one of the amazing people to join us this year at Nedengiving...See you all soon.
Cal O'Leary
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