A Journey to the First Tomb of Rathkeale, Party of Chaos Hayden's Going away Party! Come join in the Fun!

June 08 - June 10, 2018

Site is Creathorne Farm - Grafton, NH (View Map).
Site opens at 5:00 PM and closes at 1:00 PM

Event starts at 05:00 PM, on Friday June 08, 2018.
Event ends at 01:00 PM, on Sunday June 10, 2018.

Cost is Pre-Reg Before May $25 Reg After May $30 Reg at Door $35 Under 16: $15 Under 12: Free Family Max: 75 NPC: $5.
Cost via Paypal is $25.00 per person.
Pre-registration is suggested (Register for Event).

Event Holders
Gregory Falconer
Brendan Lam
James Murphy
Magic Marshals
Matt Butler
Keith Cronyn
Event Description

Feast of Chaos:

Rumor has it Rathkeale's Boarders and ports are open again and 
after such along time the dining halls of the castle are once 
again open to!

And those rumors are true! I Emperor *cough* I mean [Lord] Hayden 
Cromwell invite you people of the realms to my halls for a night 
of Chaotic dining and some inebriated fun! Come join me as we open 
a rune gate to the mainland and enjoy the peculiar land that is my 

A Journey to the first Tomb of Rathkeale

Well I guess things can't be all fun and games! You see good ol 
Hayden got himself into some trouble and I need your help! Lets 
just say a few the rumors you've been hearing and the odd 
you see are not just mere illusion; I mean come on giant black 
cant make that stuff up. You see I've been conducting weird 
so to speak and as always unspeakable horror has befallen my lands 
where on an island so they can't get out or rather swimming from 
islands to the mainland is crazy seeing as how undead sharks swim 
around my domain eating anything that dare enter its cold waters. 
come on down we'll eat and we'll route the horror at its roots and 
it'll be a grand ol time!

Gong Show Bardics! Yes I'm taking this suggestion who doesn't want 
a dinner and a show!
Rules Changes and Notes
Magic Items Rules:

ANY and all BACKED magic items will be approved HOWEVER, you MUST 
include a description of the item and its powers in the pre-
reg to me before hand. If you reg at the site the day of the event 
(regardless if its online or not) you will be limited to 

For those of you less fortunate to not own Backed-magic items fret 
not the gods worshiped in the Lands of Rathkeale take pity 
on you and you may register one! in-house item from another event. 
You MUST provide a full description of it and its abilities. 

IMPORTANTE: We reserve the right to modify any and all powers of 
magic items

Special calls will be announced at the event.
Other Notes
This is a wet site! Bringing alcohol is encouraged its meant to be 
a party! BUT that said please keep in mind that there are children 
so leave the drinking to a minimum while the kiddies are still up 
during the dining and once the dining is over let the festivities 
run high! READ: No drinking till Toast is said!
Creathorne Farm
Grafton, NH
For GPS: 702 main St. Grafton, NH

google maps has it listed as: 771 Mascoma Valley Rd, Grafton, NH 

From the Southeast (middle and southern NH, and anywhere in MA 
east of 
   you will want to take route 93 North through NH. From MA or CT 
can get to route 93 from routes 495, 3, and 95(128). Take route 93 
North through Nashua, Manchester, and Concord.
   If you are coming from the Northeast, you want to take 93 

   Get off at exit 17, just North of Concord. This should put you 
route #4. Take route 4 West. Route 4 runs concurrent with routes 3 
11 off and on during this trip, so make sure you stick with the 
route! You should pass through several small towns, including 
Boscawen, Andover, Franklin, and Danbury. It take about 30 minutes 
get from route 93 to Grafton (it?s about 30.5 miles to the 
Creathorne is 3.5 miles from the Grafton/Danbury town line, on the 
right. There is a white sign that says ?Little Creathorne Farm? in 
plain sight. The farm house is a white color.
   Pull in through the gate in the wooden fence (NOT the driveway) 
park in the area defined by the logs, on either side of the small 
right there. I will have Creathorne, Black and gray shields near 
road in the day light, and torches burning at the gate at night, 
this site is usually very easy to find.

   From the Northwest, VT, NY, or anywhere West of Springfield, 
you?ll want to come into Grafton from the other direction. Take 
91 (which runs up the NH/VT border) to 89S into Lebanon, NH. You?
ll be 
getting off, at exit 17. This should put you on route 4. Take 
route 4 
East, passing through Enfield and  Canaan, and into Grafton. It 
about 35 minutes to get from route 89 to Grafton (it?s about 20 
to the border). Creathorne is about 10-15 minutes from Canaan 
on the left.