A Journey to the First Tomb of Rathkeale, Party of Chaos Hayden's Going away Party! Come join in the Fun!

June 08 - June 10, 2018

Site was Creathorne Farm - Grafton, NH.

Event Holders were Gregory Falconer, Brendan Lam, James Murphy.

Event Description

Feast of Chaos:

Rumor has it Rathkeale's Boarders and ports are open again and 
after such along time the dining halls of the castle are once 
again open to!

And those rumors are true! I Emperor *cough* I mean [Lord] Hayden 
Cromwell invite you people of the realms to my halls for a night 
of Chaotic dining and some inebriated fun! Come join me as we open 
a rune gate to the mainland and enjoy the peculiar land that is my 

A Journey to the first Tomb of Rathkeale

Well I guess things can't be all fun and games! You see good ol 
Hayden got himself into some trouble and I need your help! Lets 
just say a few the rumors you've been hearing and the odd 
sightings you see are not just mere illusion; I mean come on giant black 
eagle cant make that stuff up. You see I've been conducting weird 
"magic"? so to speak and as always unspeakable horror has befallen my lands 
BUT where on an island so they can't get out or rather swimming from 
the islands to the mainland is crazy seeing as how undead sharks swim 
around my domain eating anything that dare enter its cold waters. 
So come on down we'll eat and we'll route the horror at its roots and 
it'll be a grand ol time!

Gong Show Bardics! Yes I'm taking this suggestion who doesn't want 
a dinner and a show!  (Saturday)

Iron tongue! This is a contest where you will test the mettle of your culinary pallet those who survive will be awarded!  (Saturday during desert)

Mixed Drink! Impress the EHs with your knowledge of drinks show us something cool and be awarded for your prowess as a mixer!  (After Dark Saturday Night after feasting)

quick note on schedule
Friday night questing, party, stacked deck tournament
Saturday Day questing
Saturday Night feast (no questing)
Saturday Night stacked deck tournament
Sunday Day Chaotic Tournaments (not OOTL) 

the 2 stacked deck tournaments will be Friday night after the questing, the second is  Saturday night after final courses have been served, but not to interfere with the Gong Show Bardics.
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