G.O.F.E.R. T.H.R.E.E.: Rules Updates The Hardest Recovery Ever Executed

June 30, 2018

Site is The Felwood (i.e. the Matulewicz Family Home) - East Kingston, NH (View Map).
Site opens at 8am and closes at Midnight

Event starts at 09:00 AM, on Saturday June 30, 2018.
Event ends at 11:45 PM, on Saturday June 30, 2018.

Cost is $20 per PC. Full time NPC is free.
Pre-registration ( money, magic reg ) is required (Register for Event).

Event Holder
Steven Matulewicz
Other Contacts
Melissa Metzger
Jessica Osio
Event Description
NOTE:  All time slots are currently filled. 

Sometimes doing the right thing that needs to be done looks like 
the wrong way to others. We have a situation we would like to 
handle quietly. How bad is it? Well, I AM a dragon. And so is my 


A stealth AND timed excursion into the ruins of Ravensloft in 
search of Pyr's Vault! There has been evidence that items have 
escaped from the Vault and so the final contingency plan must be 
taken: a series of fail-safes were put in place to collapse the 
Vault. Once activated they trigger its ultimate destruction of 
everything left inside.

Small bands are needed to enter the ruins to activate the 
contingency in three separate areas. The Vault is surrounded by 
unknown monsters, traps and magics. The Dragon Merchants are 
willing to pay for certain items recovered. Beyond that, whatever 
has been hoarded between now and the demise of the castle twenty-
five years ago are there for the skilled, the stealthy, and the 

Common knowledge, though, is that Eagle's Rook knows there may be 
attempts to "loot" the ruins. Considering the legends of what has 
been down there, they are not happy with people trying to 
get in and accidentally unleashing some calamity in their lands 
and upon the Realms. Scouting patrols of the ruins have been 
stepped up, yet it may be Vandor himself will be watching to 
ensure no vile deed is done, now that Sir Vawn is a Templar...

Each group, while at the ruins, has THREE (3) hours between the 
scout patrols to do what they can, or risk the potential ire and 
diplomatic arrest of Eagle's Rook. 

Meet at a forgotten tavern in the little town of Shadow Pass in 
unclaimed lands(you'll know). The Dragons have purchased passage 
with some merchants to get groups over the border of Eagle's Rook, 
past the village of Haze and up to the castle ruins. Successful 
parties will be welcomed to the standard tavern fare after their 
quest, or just to drink to the demise of their comrades that got 
caught... or dead. Did we mention we don't encourage 'going back 
for folks'? Good luck!  

   9:00am - 1:00pm           1:00 - 5:00            5:00 - 9:00
1. Kovaks                    Shandar                Syruss
2. Aranel                    Trent                  Tyruss
3. Laika                     Serafina               Zamikiel
4. Kwido                     Lucas                  Nymbous
5. Killian                   Daekara                Rawlin
6. Temorse                   Meeble                 Dresden
7. Grindin                   Zatarra                NAJ
8. Shader                    Guilliam               Dalamar
9. Raynor                    Wrath                  Cevaris
10.Osric                     Sibyl                  Jayce
11.Kaelkatar                 Eldritch               Kahrma
12.Tilda                     Vuel                   Sarix
13.Rielle                    Lupa                   Ditch
14.Chiddic                   TManicus               Lyra
15.Twenaria                  Kiira                  Sasha
16.Gordon                    Cinnabar               Quayloth
17.Elouan                    Shalindra              Darkin
18.Hildegard                 Randolf                Blacky
19.Asharn                    Runaris                Tulli
20.Tark                      Drike                  Newbie 1, 
                                                    Newbie 2

Pre- reg paid for others is held 30 days (currently).  All players 
MUST either pre- reg on line or email the EH that they are coming 
within that time, or the slots not filled will be refunded, 
allowing for anyone on the wait list to enter.

When you pre- reg, please remember to indicate which slot you are 
looking to adventure in.

Please register any dietary restrictions as well.
Rules Changes and Notes
Reminder: To be considered fully registered and on the list, you
must be paid and registered on Realmsnet.

If you have difficulty with either of these actions, please
contact the staff directly and we will be happy to work with you
the best we can.

Group Reging: Yes you can send me money for a group of people.
Please make sure they also reg on line. Each individual player 
must reg on line.

The restrictions are in place in order to give all potential
players a fair shot at attending the capped event. We hope to see
you there!

There will be special combat calls: these will be explained on 

TRAPS:  During the quest you may encounter situations that may 
activate an alarm or a small "bang" from a low intensity firework.  
If you or anything on your body triggers the trap, you are hit 
with a physical killing armor piercing blow that destroys the 
armor at that location.  If triggered by a weapon or shield, they 
will not break, but you are still dead.  If you are dead already 
and you or your items trigger other traps, each additional trap 
will be considered 100 scalping blows.

WARNING: FOG MACHINE IN USE.  If you have any asthma issues, 
please notify the staff or event holder before the event or before 
entering the ruins.
Other Notes
The forgotten tavern in Shadow Pass and Ravensloft:  This event is 
taking place on two separate sets of private land.  You will be 
parking at one 
site and will be "Carted"  into the ruins, so travel well but 
light.  Be prepared for physical challenges.  We plan to get you 
dirty, wet or worse.

You will start in the town of Shadow Pass:  There will be a scroll 
shop (so bring some coin to start!!!), Realms Outfitters will be 
there and potentially other shops will be open to you.  The Inn 
has a fire pit and basic fare food (i.e. basic BBQ food) will be 
available.  There will be opportunities within the dungeon to find 
special food items.  Some may also be available for gold.

NOTE:  we are planning to have a more immersive town.  So if you 
show up early or stay late, or even camp, these are ok.  But 
remember:  not every person is going to approve of your quest.  
Keep it secret.  Keep it safe.  

TAKE HEED: Depending on success or failures of your party and 
you may bring unwanted attention to the town.  There are some 
people in the town who may need you help and reward may be given.  
There may be some in the town that would like to stop you.  Ask 
around, look around, but if your quest has ended, or it has yet to 
begin, being discrete about your adventure may be in your best 

THE TAVERN/ VILLAGE IS A DAMP SITE, but with conditions.  Drinking 
should only be done after your quest is over.

ALSO:  Meg is a school teacher and the site is a block from the 
police station.  We will not tolerate under age drinking.

Once your time at the ruins are over, people are welcome to stay 
at the Town. You are free to talk with other adventurers: it is 
at your discretion.
The Felwood (i.e. the Matulewicz Family Home)
4 Ashlie Road
East Kingston, NH 03827
There are a couple of ways to get there, but I will describe the 
most recognizable route.  Your GPS may send you another way (We 
are right off of route 108.  Exits 52, 53 and 54 off of 495 can 
get you there).

From the South:
-Find your way to 495 North in Mass.
-Get off at Exit 51B, route 125 towards Plastow NH.
-Stay on route 125. Pass the Lone Tree Scout reservation (aka 
North South War site)
-Take a Right on to Route 107.
-continue with the direction "From 125/ 107 split"

From the North:
-Find your Way to Route 101 East.
-Get off at Exit 7, route 125.  Take a right at the end of the 
-Follow the road untill you pass the Carriage Town Mall on the 
right. (it's a strip mall)  107 merges with 125 at this point.
-Go to the second set of lights and take a left, following route 

From 125/ 107 split

-take an IMMEDIATE RIGHT on to route 107a  you will follow this 
until you get to a stop sign.
-take a right on to 108
-take your first left on to Ashlie Road.
-When you hit the line of Pine Trees after the first house on the 
right... that's my land.  Park off  the road on the right anywhere 
up to the mailbox.  I don't mind.  House is the brown house on the 
right with green shutters.  If you pass the pond, or hit the cul 
de sac.... you have gone too far.