G.O.F.E.R. T.H.R.E.E. The Hardest Recovery Ever Executed

June 30, 2018

Site was The Felwood (i.e. the Matulewicz Family Home) - East Kingston, NH.

Event Holder was Steven Matulewicz.

Event Description
NOTE:  All time slots are currently filled. 

Sometimes doing the right thing that needs to be done looks like 
the wrong way to others. We have a situation we would like to 
handle quietly. How bad is it? Well, I AM a dragon. And so is my 


A stealth AND timed excursion into the ruins of Ravensloft in 
search of Pyr's Vault! There has been evidence that items have 
escaped from the Vault and so the final contingency plan must be 
taken: a series of fail-safes were put in place to collapse the 
Vault. Once activated they trigger its ultimate destruction of 
everything left inside.

Small bands are needed to enter the ruins to activate the 
contingency in three separate areas. The Vault is surrounded by 
unknown monsters, traps and magics. The Dragon Merchants are 
willing to pay for certain items recovered. Beyond that, whatever 
has been hoarded between now and the demise of the castle twenty-
five years ago are there for the skilled, the stealthy, and the 

Common knowledge, though, is that Eagle's Rook knows there may be 
attempts to "loot" the ruins. Considering the legends of what has 
been down there, they are not happy with people trying to 
get in and accidentally unleashing some calamity in their lands 
and upon the Realms. Scouting patrols of the ruins have been 
stepped up, yet it may be Vandor himself will be watching to 
ensure no vile deed is done, now that Sir Vawn is a Templar...

Each group, while at the ruins, has THREE (3) hours between the 
scout patrols to do what they can, or risk the potential ire and 
diplomatic arrest of Eagle's Rook. 

Meet at a forgotten tavern in the little town of Shadow Pass in 
unclaimed lands(you'll know). The Dragons have purchased passage 
with some merchants to get groups over the border of Eagle's Rook, 
past the village of Haze and up to the castle ruins. Successful 
parties will be welcomed to the standard tavern fare after their 
quest, or just to drink to the demise of their comrades that got 
caught... or dead. Did we mention we don't encourage 'going back 
for folks'? Good luck!  

   9:00am - 1:00pm           1:00 - 5:00            5:00 - 9:00
1. Kovaks                    Shandar                Syruss
2. Aranel                    Trent                  Tyruss
3. Laika                     Serafina               Zamikiel
4. Kwido                     Lucas                  Nymbous
5. Killian                   Daekara                Rawlin
6. Temorse                   Meeble                 Dresden
7. Grindin                   Zatarra                NAJ
8. Shader                    Guilliam               Dalamar
9. Raynor                    Wrath                  Cevaris
10.Osric                     Sibyl                  Jayce
11.Kaelkatar                 Eldritch               Kahrma
12.Tilda                     Vuel                   Sarix
13.Rielle                    Lupa                   Ditch
14.Chiddic                   TManicus               Lyra
15.Twenaria                  Kiira                  Sasha
16.Gordon                    Cinnabar               Quayloth
17.Elouan                    Shalindra              Darkin
18.Hildegard                 Randolf                Blacky
19.Asharn                    Runaris                Tulli
20.Tark                      Panther                Newbie 1, 
                                                    Newbie 2

Pre- reg paid for others is held 30 days (currently).  All players 
MUST either pre- reg on line or email the EH that they are coming 
within that time, or the slots not filled will be refunded, 
allowing for anyone on the wait list to enter.

When you pre- reg, please remember to indicate which slot you are 
looking to adventure in.

Please register any dietary restrictions as well.
Event Wrap-up
So where to begin…

“It takes a village to raise a child.”  In our case, we had over 30 people staffing this event, and not including many people in preparation of the event, to help raise our child.  And in the process of raising our child… we created a village.  The effort for so many people, across such long distances to make this one day experience… is staggering.  I am truly humbled by the number of talented, enthusiastic people who stepped up and made this happen.  I know we are going to forget names in this letter.  Make no mistake: we appreciate all you did.

Thank you to everyone who made GOFER THREE possible.  This was an ambitious event, pulling talent from across New England and New York, to create an event set on two separate pieces of land.  We had food, we had a small town, on top of having a massive dungeon.  Thanks go out to the artisans who put in their time  and effort to bring us so many great effects.  From Brian Murphy and his amazing Baba Yaga, to Josh Fitzgerald and his inspired/ VERY mobile rock monster.  Thanks to Dave Hayden for the multi colored runic gateway!  Thank you to John and Amy Wrisley, who are the creators of the mobile dungeon, created the graveyard props, contributed in a hundred ways I can’t even remember,  and graciously let us use their back yard  to create this awesome dungeon.  

A special Thank You to all of the NPCs at the dungeon, fighting 9+ hours in the insane heat, helping to put up and break down the space.  To Brendan, Will, Ryan, Greg, Megan, Amy, Jon, Mikey, James, Josh, Jak, Brady, Connor and Lexi/ Alex…. You all are the stars of this show.  Thank you for braving it all, staying safe and rolling with what we had.

A thank you to everyone at the town:  Janna, Emily, Elyse, Amber, James’ father, Katrina:  Thank you for making the town a diverse, immersive experience with solid entertainment and continuous, good food.

Thank you to Aaron Metzger for being the magic Marshal and Brendan Turcotte for being the head NPC.  Your willingness to roll with the situation and the chaos an event can be was much appreciated.  You were both important cogs in our mechanism.

A Special Thanks to Megan Matulewicz who took on the task of organizing and executing the food, working the grill, feeding multiple meals to people from Friday through Sunday.

I need to thank the nations of Folkestone, Blackwood, Neden, Chimeron, Ashenmark, and Invictus, for all of your time, entertainment, and items donated to this experience.  Without your efforts and support, and event like this would not be possible.

Thank you to all of the players who came.  We hope you enjoyed the experience:  We do this all for you, so let us know in what ways you can what you like, what you didn’t like and how your experience was.

I also want to thank all the people who brought their families to Shadow Pass.  This was honestly unexpected for me.  To see so many children, and the many older generations of people, was heart warming for me.  Thank you for coming and experiencing our crazy.

Steven Matulewicz
Melissa Metzger
Jessica Osio
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