Grimloch Questing 2018

October 13 - October 14, 2018

Site was 4-H Camp Marshall (Legends site) - Spencer, MA.

Event Holders were Hannah Blood, Jeremey Monmaney.

Feastocrat was John A. Berrini.

Event Description
Amid the frivolity of the feast, trouble arises in northern Grimloch. A message calls for aid from everyone who is available to make the trek, but the message doesn't really have any words and doesn't quite make sense. 

All you can see at the bottom of the page, in big backwards letters, is a signature - BOOM.   

He clearly needs your help. Knowing this could take you anywhere, will you rise to the challenge?


This is a damp site. 

Cabins are available on a First come, first serve basis. Cabins have
bed frames and foam mattress. most sleep 10 people. the cost is $40
and you must have at least four paid preregistrations
Event Wrap-up
Event had legal amount of over 30 signatures between PCs and NPCs, and ran required content on 10/13 and 10/14. Event Holders Hannah Blood and Jeremey Monmaney were on site and involved both days of the event.
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