Feast of Blackwood IX

September 21 - September 23, 2018

Site was Lone Tree Scout Camp - Kingston, NH.

Event Holders were Matt Butler, Keith Cronyn, James Murphy.

Event Description
This note, posted in taverns largely goes unnoticed. It seems to be passed by, by everyone, even the people actively looking at notices, and for work. But, you can see it. Looking at it gives you a vague headache, like you’re staring at two things at once, but you can read it nevertheless. It catches *your* eye. 

Dear Heroes, 

Erida, the one you know as the Gray Lady, was recently thwarted in gaining control over her greatest adversaries’ soul. Some of you have managed to hide it away, at least for now. She sought it for it’s immeasurable ability to manipulate reality magics. She sought it for her own power. Now, it seems she has found another way, through the endless folds of time and space she has garnished herself a ritual that will empower her anew. 

In a fold of my own life, I was there at the crux, when she came into power and the ripples of it began to tear reality apart. I cannot let this happen, I need to ensure that the right people are there, that the right people make moves to stop her. That we gather our own forces, that we implement our own rituals, that our strategies are greater, and that we come out on top of all of this, unscarred. 

Help me,
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