Feast of Folkestone XIX Brunch It's What's For Dinner

August 31, 2018

Site was Lone Tree Scout Camp - Kingston, NH.

Event Holder was Angela Gray.

Event Description
Remember you need to pre-reg by 8/24 to get the lower price for Feast of Folkestone!!

Wondering why you should come?  
- A multi-course brunch themed feast
- Opportunity to relax and gamble at the Clontarf Casino 
- A Stacked Deck Tournament (50 gold buy in, 3 hour time limit)
- Dessert Wars---this time for CASH!! (That's right, this year instead of playing those wacky fun games to win first crack at dessert, winners will be receiving gold)
- The always eventful and entertaining Folkestone Court (let Malaki know if you have any items for it)
- An ooc auction to benefit Paul Fournier and an IC auction. Both will have tons of amazing items that will be going out via a mix of live, silent, and tenghuanese auction 
- Also keep in mind that beast and uglies occasionally go bump in the night in Folkestone and adventure may be found after the feast if you look for it ;)
Event Wrap-up
Feast of Folkestone repeatedly highlighted the generosity of our community.  In regards to those who donated to the charity item, those who came with open hearts and wallets to shop, and the many who stepped up to help.  We are incredibly grateful that in addition to your hosts from Folkestone, we have former members who show up every year to assist as well as many amazing friends who help.

Your kitchen staff included Carrie D, Ray M, Lani J, John B, Cal M, Andy W, Sean V, Kyle Y, Courtney B, Steve Y.

Lynn B, and Rose F joined our serving team and Josh F provided extra help.

James M, Emily M, and Pi provided entertainment at the Blackwood Casino.

Kelly Bonci coordinated the benefit auction. 

And while I generally don't call out individual Folkestone members I will mention that Jony B is an amazing and tireless dish person. 

Thanks to all listed above as well as the many people who stopped by and helped here and there. It really adds up.  Words are insufficient to express my gratitude. 

Speaking of adding up, I know you all want to know how much the auction earned but I'm going to ask you to be patient with us on sharing that information.  Jarrod will be delivering the news and stories from the event to Dec this coming weekend. We'd like him to be the first to know the total. We'll share it via email and facebook next week.

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