Feast of Voraniss I Coronation of the Druid King

April 06, 2019

Site is Camp Joslin - Charlton, MA (View Map).
Site opens at 11:00 AM and closes at 8:00 PM

Event starts at 12:00 PM, on Saturday April 06, 2019.
Event ends at 08:00 PM, on Saturday April 06, 2019.

Cost is $25 for Pre-Registration before March 23rd, $35 at the Door or after March 23rd, Kids under 10 get in free..
Cost via Paypal is $25.00 per person.
Pre-registration is suggested (Register for Event).

Event Holder
Renee Booke
Other Contacts
Craig Blais (Feastocrat)
Alexander Sokolowski (Magic Marshal)
Derek Booke
Event Description
Greetings to you, friends and allies of Voraniss,

In our home, Spring is a time of renewal. We cast off our winter fatigue and our worries and we concentrate on preparing ourselves for a new season of harmonious prosperity. Spring is also the time we celebrate new life and new beginnings. To that end, the peoples of Voraniss wish to indulge in a new tradition and invite you within our borders to celebrate with us for the first time. Voraniss is a wild country. Our cities are small and our people are fierce, but they are no less joyous to see the sun when the last snow thaws.

This year Voraniss also intends to name Hygar Athame as its Druid King; its unifier and source of inspiration for growth and greatness. You, our guests, are invited to bear witness to this sacred coronation ceremony and bring your business before the Voranian court once you run it by our local Magistrate. Please understand that our people take ritual and prayer very seriously, and will call the Spirits of the land to watch over these proceedings. Should you choose to speak of matters of importance, they will be listening.

Spring isn't just about our serious matters, however, it is also a time for merriment and comradery! For those of you who brave the trek into our forest, the locals have promised to feed you and entertain you with a wide array of challenges and contests of skill. If competition is not your thing, you might be better suited to meeting the locals on a more personal basis and learning of the various peoples and cultures that inhabit our lands. We're also hopeful that some merchants may brave the wilderness to come peddle their wares for you to peruse.

So please come and enjoy our hospitality, and rejoice with us as we celebrate this very auspicious occasion.

May the joyful Otter dance through your life,

Lady Kindrianna Athame
Rules Changes and Notes
1.) A Paid Pre-Registration is the only way to guarantee that you are fed.

2.) Any Dietary Restrictions MUST be pre-registered by 3/23/19. We will do our best to accommodate them within reason, and if we can't you will be notified in advance.

3.) The bulk of the day will have very light snack fare. Adventurers are encouraged to participate in or sign up for tournaments/contests or wander the hall and introduce themselves to the locals. Not to give anything away, but this is your chance to get in on a brand new plotline!

4.) There is plenty of space for merchants of differing kinds. If you want to set up a booth, please contact Renee Booke a/k/a Mouse.

5.) Voraniss is also looking for bards to perform during dinner! Stories, songs, instrumental performances, dance...we will take it all! In exchange for their services, Bards will be allowed to choose a "Thank you" gift off of a prize table exclusively for them. Please consider signing up for one of these slots.

6.) Shortly after dinner, court proceedings will begin with Hygar's coronation. If you have any court business, please speak with Sarah Fournier (Evie), our Magistrate, and she will get you on the list.

7.) Following court, we will begin to announce winners of the day's more competitive activities and award their respective prizes.

8.) Voraniss regionals will be in effect. These will be posted on our website ahead of time, but you can also pick them up at the reg-desk upon arrival. Spellcasters may only have access to one path of regionals per event.
Other Notes
Voraniss will be doing its best to create a highly immersive feast hall. Please keep your mundane objects like plastic bins, totes, phones, soda cans etc. to a minimum or find a way to hide them. We will not publicly shame you, we are just asking for your help in creating the best atmosphere possible! Part of our mission statement as a nation is to encourage and promote RP and immersion in the Realms and our events are one way we think we can do that.

This is a dry and drug free site. No alcohol may be brought on site for any reason. No pets are allowed on site.

Information on Regionals can be found @ https://voraniss.wordpress.com/regionals/
Camp Joslin
150 Richardson Corner Rd
Charlton, MA
Coming From New York, Connecticut:

1) Follow 84 North into Massachusetts.

2) Take exit 3A. This will put you on route 20 East.

3) Turn right onto Richardson Corner Rd.  Camp Joslin will be on the
right in 1.5 miles 

Comming from NH/points north of Worcester

Take 290w to Route 20w exit. Follow Boston directions starting at step 2.

Coming from Boston

 1) Take the Mass Pike to exit 10.

 2) Keep to the right, following Route 20 West and 12 South.

 3) Turn onto 20 West.

 4)Turn left onto Richardson Corner Rd.  Camp Joslin will be on the
right in 1.5 miles