Neden BBQ 3: Burgers Bashing and Besties No snow this time

May 20, 2018

Site was Greely Park (big) - Nashua, NH.

Event Holder was Callahan Marsden.

Feastocrat was David Aubrey.

Event Description
Ladies and Gentleman 

What and winter we certainly meant to do this sooner but the Northern Gods of Ice 
and Snow are fickle

Either way it is time for some fun in the sun. Join us once again as we host a day of 
BBQ food, tourneys, games, prizes, gambaling and hopefuly an eciting end to this 
undead rebellion......I wonder what made them so mad?


Come to get win gold at the New Eden Casino

Come to gorge your self on BBQ fair like chicken hotdogs burgers (various 
salads.....If  you have a request let us know)

Come to win a Magical artifact in an unknown tourney.

Hope to see you all there


Event Wrap-up
Friends, Family, and Travelers who ventured up to the lands of Neden yesterday THANK YOU.

We had a whirlwind of trouble this year with weather and apologize for not getting the BBQ launched sooner.
We managed to snag some great weather yesterday and hopefully delivered some good times and fun memories.

We had some great BBQ cooked up by Neden's chef Gumbo. I even heard a rumor there was pepper jack cheese, oh my!

We ran standard tournaments mixed in with Backyard BBQ activities and the unveiling of our new Equestrian Tournament "The Neden Triple Crown.” Look for pictures in the Kazoo and the View and congratulations to Asharn from Rhiassa for becoming the first Triple Crown Winner.

If you missed the festivities yesterday don't worry. The Neden Crew is already back to work to provide more memories for the rest of the season.

I would like to close by thanking a dear friend and my brother Sir Nymbous O'Leary for helping me assemble a Cracker Jack squad of hooligans and creative souls looking to make an impact on the Realms. I am more than happy. I am proud of what Nymbous has managed to accomplish during his tenure as Lord of Neden.
He was at a crossroad of what could become with Neden and rose to the challenge. I only hope I can continue the good work my brother has started.

We hope to see you all again soon

Lord Sir Syruss O'Leary

What a great day. We had food, fun, and adventures and isn't that why we play.

Yesterday was certainly a collaborative effort and couldn't have been accomplished without the efforts of my merry men. But a personal shout out to Emilio (Naj) who was up late cutting veggies and skewing kabobs with me, Dave (Gumbo) for being my Grillmaster, Dan (Ditch) and Ethan (JB) for jumping in and helping when we needed extra hands, Nick (Rawlin) and Justin (Peanut Butter) for running tournaments both combat and silly, Chris (Siff) for providing music and running the ever-popular carnival, Steve (Jayce) for running the casino and last but not least Andy (Nymbous) for running reg and helping me with all the other day of marshaling questions.

We had seasoned attendees and first-time eventers but we hope you all had a great equally amazing time.

Now for some mushy stuff. Andrew "O'Leary" Whitty undertook a heck of a venture revamping and rebranding what it meant to be in Neden. He took the collective creativity from over a dozen rowdy rambunctious attention deficit stricken loveable goofs and channeled it into something positive.
Under him, with all his help and guidance, he worked with me to create a vision of what we thought Neden not only could be but SHOULD be. With his guidance, Neden started to be contributors to the community again hosting four distinctly different events a year. He helped organize a massive collection of garb and props for the "Hardware for Heroes" project (Available to the community should you have newbies or just underprepared questers in need of gear). He started a museum filled with new and old artifacts from both Neden and Realms history as well as a traveling carnival available to event holders looking to liven up their events atmosphere. He organized a realms Thanksgiving and tradition to getting together during the holidays to raise food and money for Veterans in need. 
He has helped me grow as an event holder, a leader and most importantly a friend. He challenges me and everyone around him to be the best version of themselves, to push themselves to achieve new goals and to master life's challenges. He forever changed the landscape of how we do things in Neden. Now with that said, Andy is not going away but rather freeing up time for him to focus on his life goals as well as giving himself a chance to be able to show up and just enjoy the Realms again stress-free. 

So once again, thank you to the attendees my colleagues, and my best friend Andrew

Gratefully Yours
Cal "O'Leary" Marsden
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