Shadow Pass: Open for Business

June 30, 2018

Site is The Felwood (i.e. the Matulewicz Family Home) - East Kingston, NH (View Map).
Site opens at 8:am and closes at Sunday

Event starts at 09:00 AM, on Saturday June 30, 2018.
Event ends at 11:00 PM, on Saturday June 30, 2018.

Cost is pre- reg$10 (Covers food and sani-cans), $20 at the door $5 or Free for half/ full time NPCs.
Cost via Paypal is $10.00 per person.
Pre-registration is suggested (Register for Event).

Event Holder
Steven Matulewicz
Event Description

Shadow Pass is an out of the way town in what used to be Blakavar.  
In the foothills of the Western Mountain range, it is an 
unremarkable town on the way to more remarkable places.  They have 
sent out an advertising that they do, in fact, exist and are 
enticing travelers to stop by for a refreshing drink, or to try 
their hand at a game of chance, or perhaps get something mended by 
the town Blacksmith.  There may be other shops open, the Fortune 
Teller may see fit to have some cards.  If you need to stay the 
night, while the Inn is very limited, there are some fields to 
camp in.  come on by.

This is a separate event from GOFER, on the same land.  We will 
not be issuing a magic item or sending more people to the EH.  
This is the same place in part, so interaction between GOFER and 
this will happen.  People in the GOFER event do not need to sign 
in to this event.  IF we get 30 PCs for this:  awesome.  But we 
have no idea how many people will be here for this, so spells may 
not be issued.

PRE- REG:  If you are planning on coming, please pre reg: we want 
to accommodate people, but without knowing you are coming, having 
food on hand for you, or having the right number of sani-cans, is 
difficult.  You do not have to pay until you are at the door.

While the GOFER quests are filled, the Town we are creating could 
use some touching up.  People have asked if they could just come 
and hang out, and we are happy to oblige!

All questing groups are welcome to come early and stay late.  

For those not questing, we will be offering some gambling (make 
some bets on your favorite questers and how well they do!).  We 
may have some shops, games and maybe small tournaments. We may 
have a Monster Bear pit  (or maybe a MONSTER BEAR...)  Watch 
this space to see updates.

We are trying to make this an immersive town.  If you can at 
minimum NPC for part of the day where the Questing crews are in 
the town (3-4 hours with large breaks in between), you can get a 
discount.  Full day NPCs are free and get fed.  

We have a fire pit, so just come and relax if that is your thing.

The site is damp.  You will get carded and a bracelet.  No one 
questing may drink before their quest. 

Smoking is limited: you will be asked to police your butts.

And speaking of police:  we live a block from the town station.  
We have strict guidelines.  Anyone caught drinking under age, or 
taking illegal substances will at minimum be removed from the land 
with no refund.

(Steve and his wife)'s express permission to do this on either 
site.  Contact us beforehand and discuss it with us.  Otherwise 
you will also be asked to leave with no refund.

There is space for camping at my house, if you wish to stay over.  
Please let us know if you plan to camp.  

Tavern:  Basic tavern food and drink (i.e. hot dogs and 
hamburgers) will be available upon request.  BRING YOUR GOLD!  
Special made to order items may be available in the Tavern.
Rules Changes and Notes
We are looking for Vendors!  We are looking for people to play a 
bunch of non com Roles.  Again, the goal is to create an immersive 
town:  any aid to this end will just enhance the experience.

Town shops that will be open currently:
Casino   (gold)
Seer/ Tarot Reader (gold/ green, depending)
Blacksmith (gold)
Tavern     (gold/ green depending)
Scroll Shop  (gold: all gp goes back out on the quests)
Historical Society
The Felwood (i.e. the Matulewicz Family Home)
4 Ashlie Road
East Kingston, NH 03827
There are a couple of ways to get there, but I will describe the 
most recognizable route.  Your GPS may send you another way (We 
are right off of route 108.  Exits 52, 53 and 54 off of 495 can 
get you there).

From the South:
-Find your way to 495 North in Mass.
-Get off at Exit 51B, route 125 towards Plastow NH.
-Stay on route 125. Pass the Lone Tree Scout reservation (aka 
North South War site)
-Take a Right on to Route 107.
-continue with the direction "From 125/ 107 split"

From the North:
-Find your Way to Route 101 East.
-Get off at Exit 7, route 125.  Take a right at the end of the 
-Follow the road untill you pass the Carriage Town Mall on the 
right. (it's a strip mall)  107 merges with 125 at this point.
-Go to the second set of lights and take a left, following route 

From 125/ 107 split

-take an IMMEDIATE RIGHT on to route 107a  you will follow this 
until you get to a stop sign.
-take a right on to 108
-take your first left on to Ashlie Road.
-When you hit the line of Pine Trees after the first house on the 
right... that's my land.  Park off  the road on the right anywhere 
up to the mailbox.  I don't mind.  House is the brown house on the 
right with green shutters.  If you pass the pond, or hit the cul 
de sac.... you have gone too far.