Feast of Chimeron XXVII

May 04, 2019

Site is Camp Joslin - Charlton, MA (View Map).
Site opens at 11:00 am and closes at 10:00 pm

Event starts at 12:00 PM, on Saturday May 04, 2019.
Event ends at 09:00 PM, on Saturday May 04, 2019.

Cost is $35 until 5/3/19. $40 at the door. Kids 5-12 are $10, younger are free..
Cost via Paypal is $35.00 per person.
Pre-registration is suggested (Register for Event).

Event Holder
Elyse Donnelly
Other Contacts
Melissa Metzger (Feastocrat)
Christopher Donnelly (Magic Marshal)
Event Description
The Kingdom of Chimeron is proud to announce and welcome all to its 27th annual celebration of Feast of Chimeron! 
Sir Lord Advisor Aymisara Cursoraventis Filiamterrae, Guildmistress of the Order of the Spoon, is preparing to dazzle and delight your senses with tasty concoctions from the kitchen.

In addition to an abundance of deliciousness, we are also preparing numerous activities and competitions, some of which are detailed below:

- Rhiassan Cub Care
- The Chimeron Shop, operated by Realms Outfitters
- The Royal Chimeron Casino
- Tinkering with the portal to Gi
- Game Design Contest
- Council of War
- Bardic Competition 
- Garb Competition
- Highbridge Classes
     -Class Descriptions
- Royal Court

We look forward to having you with us at Feast of Chimeron XXVII! If you have any questions or concerns leading up to the event, you are welcome to contact Lady Indana ((OOC: Elyse Donnelly)).


As is suggested by the name, much food will be present.  The day will begin with light appetizers and lead into a several course family-style meal. 

Guests are encouraged to bring their own feast gear, but goblin gear will be available for newer or forgetful adventurers. 

To ensure a full experience, kindly register all dietary restrictions with Mistress Aymise by April 20th. Dietary restrictions submitted after that day will be accommodated as able, but will not be guaranteed food at every course.


Rhiassan Cub Care will be running activities throughout the day to help aid in the entertainment of all of the little ones attending the event. 


The Chimeron Shop, operated by Realms Outfitters, will be available to satisfy all your pocket-hole burning needs! Lady Kyomi will have something for everyone, with wares ranging from questing gear and Animal Companions to magical potions and fine clothing! The Chimeron Shop accepts Chimeronian and internationally-backed currencies, lines of credit with Master Card or Lady Visa, and that funny green money that people sometimes have floating around. Realms-backed profits will be used to support Chimeron's efforts on the Western Flank, with other profits being used to maintain and expand the Shop's future offerings.


Gamblers Rejoice,

The Chimeron Casino Royale will be running during the day with a selection of table games for your amusement.  In addition, a Stacked Deck Tournament will be running between 1pm and 4pm. 

Normal Stacked Deck blind structure will be used, with rebuys rules determined by players at the start of the tournaments. Buy in is 25 gold. The Casino and Realms Outfitters are donating 250 gold toward the final prize money


With work left undone in the Portal to Gi, Rel has devised a way to bring some part of the portal to us!  Small groups will have time throughout the day to explore and unravel one of the portal's mysterious quadrants.


Table Game Design Contest

The hosts of Feast of Chimeron XXVII are excited to announce a the return of the Table Game Design Contest! Please note that we’ve made a few changes to the rules this year.

Entries shall be prepared ahead of time and submitted upon arrival at the feast hall. Throughout the day, all feast-goers will have the opportunity to play and score the entries on a five-point scale in the following categories: Originality, Aesthetics, and Execution. The entry with the highest average score in each category will be declared the winner! Honorable mentions will be awarded in each category to the entry with the highest average score in that category.

Additionally, we challenge the design teams to draw inspiration from a common theme. The theme for this year is Growth. The world around us is full of growth. The green canopies of a forest. Fields of crops dancing in the wind. The raising of a family. The expanding borders of a town. The process of overcoming our personal challenges. How will your game embody Growth?

For more details and official rules, go here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Sf5xCyRDNRI3T89zQF1KqAxkD4mJShAwadioEfzVlTM/edit?usp=sharing


Council of War

With the Risen Kingdom driven from our world and the portal to their home plane firmly under our control, the time has come to plan our next moves against the Fallen King and his forces. Captain Orion will be convening a Council of War during the feast, and all who wish to participate are welcome to do so. To avoid conflicting with the various other activities which will be happening throughout the day, the exact time and location of the Council will be announced day-of.


Bards of the Realms,

Forget the competition. Forget the Title. To better recognize your effort and talent, starting this year we will have something bigger and better in store for you!

Everyone who performs at this year's Feast of Chimeron's Bardic Exhibition (in any bardic discipline) will be rewarded with a sash and the very first of our new yearly Bardic Badges, each unique and obtainable by performing at our annual Feast of Chimeron. Only those performing at this year's feast will be gifted the hand-made beauties that are this year's inaugural sash! Plain sashes will be given to those who first demonstrate their art at future Feasts of Chimeron.

Please contact Cressida (lilgeek@comcast.net) if you intend to perform; this will help us ensure we have enough sashes for all of our wonderful bards!


Fanciest of ladies and finest of gentlemen,

Are you looking for the opportunity to strut your stuff? This year, Chimeron will be hosting a garb competition to celebrate not only the finest and fairest of us all, but also adventurers just starting out down the path of fashion. The competition will consist of three categories: found item outfits, repurposed pieces, and pattern-based creations. More details on the rules will soon be announced .

To peruse the rules, please follow the link below.



Highbridge Classes

Highbridge University will be sponsoring a few instructors to run Correspondence Courses at this year's Feast of Chimeron! Attendees of the Feast will be able to sign up for courses day of, on a first come, first served basis. 

Instructors may submit complete course proposals through 4/20/19 to Lady Indana Ward ((OOC: Elyse Donnelly)). Once the course list has settled, it will be announced to the public with any further requisite details.

At this time, the following courses have been confirmed:

Armorcrafting 101: Bracers
A History of Vandor
So You Want To Be A Herald
WISDOM 122: Questing Skills - Beyond Spells and Sword
WISDOM 105: Rune Solving


Class descriptions: 

Armorcrafting 101: Bracers
Taught by: Druid King Hygar of Voraniss
Number of student: 4 to 6, ((Please email Derek at DerekBooke@gmail.com to reserve a spot in the class))(may add additional spots depending on demand, sign up ASAP!)
Number of sessions: 1
Length of Session: 2 hours

Recommended for adventurers new to leatherworking or those who want to sharpen their skills.

Description of the class: This hands-on class will walk students through the process for crafting a set of bracers for themselves, delving into a range of topics from design to cutting to molding and assembling. Additional content will include edging, tooling, and decorative options to turn your armor from functional to fierce! We will not likely have time to cover dyeing or painting, but students should leave the class with a pair of bracers ready to turn aside blades. 

Note: There will be an associated material cost to this class, likely $10 to $20 depending on design and hardware chosen.

A History of Vandor:
Taught by: Avendar 
Length of Session: 30 Minutes 
The history and church of Vandor,  god of protection and vengeance. The class will cover cover the history, tenets, and church structure. 

So You Want To Be A Herald:
Taught by: Dame Phee
Class Type: Lecture with Practical Applications.
Preferred Class Size: 2-5
It takes a lot of guts to be a hero, but public speaking can still be a daunting challenge for even the most grizzled adventurer! Whether you're a seasoned herald or a new group wanting to know just why any nation would need one, this is a class for you. Dame Phoenix Rose, Court Herald of Chimeron, will walk you through tips, tricks, and just how to get that proper crowd-grabbing opening call. Notebooks are suggested!

WISDOM 122: Questing Skills - Beyond Spells and Swords
Taught by: Kovaks
Number of Students: 1 to 12
Number of Sessions: 1 to 2
Length of Session: 1 hour
Longest running class at Highbridge!
There's a lot that goes on during a quest. Not everyone can be on (or healing) the front line all the time. This class will discuss aspects of questing other than combat and magic, and will teach skills that anyone can use to assist on a quest. This class will take the form of a discussion seminar with some hands-on components. All are welcome. No prerequisites.

WISDOM 105: Rune Solving
Taught by: Kovaks
Number of Students: 1 to 10
Number of Sessions: 1 to 2
Length of Session: 1 hour
Runes are one of the most common style of puzzles you are likely to encounter when adventuring. Learn how to approach and solve rune encryption puzzles, from the easiest to the hardest in Realms history.


Royal Court
As usual, King Alexander Cecil will hold Court after most of the day's festivities, to be followed by the dessert course and final opportunities to celebrate and socialize for the evening.
Rules Changes and Notes

Dietary Restriction Reg Deadline (April 20th)
Helpful Links
Story Shards
Circle Magic
Alcohol, Drug, and Smoking Policies
Additional rules might change or be announced at the event


Dietary Restriction Reg Deadline
Dietary restrictions must be registered by April 20th to allow enough time for us to accommodate them.


Helpful Links
Combat Calls, Story Shard information, and Trappings of Civilization can all be found on Rua Thar Cinn's website. Chimeron Regional Magic can be found in the Library of Ivory, though it should be noted that the magic of the land is still in flux following the annual shift in magical energies.


Story Shards
Story Shard submissions will be accepted through 4/20/19. Those that are submitted on time will be in effect. Players who do not submit a Story Shard will be able to select Trappings of Civilization as usual.


Circle Magic
Circle Magic may be in effect.


Alcohol, Drug, & Smoking Policies
No use of or being under the influence of alcohol on site. No possession of, use of, or being under the influence of marijuana or other drugs on site. Smoking of tobacco products or vaping of any substance is TBD, pending input from site administration.


Additional rules may change or be announced at the event.
Other Notes
If you would like to play at the event but have difficulty affording the event fee, you may contact Elyse Donnelly to work something out.

We love to see and encourage continuity between different Realms events and plot teams! If you have NPCs, artifacts, or other things from your own stories that you would like to have show up at this event, please contact Elyse Donnelly to discuss how we can facilitate that.
Camp Joslin
150 Richardson Corner Rd
Charlton, MA
Coming From New York, Connecticut:

1) Follow 84 North into Massachusetts.

2) Take exit 3A. This will put you on route 20 East.

3) Turn right onto Richardson Corner Rd.  Camp Joslin will be on the
right in 1.5 miles 

Comming from NH/points north of Worcester

Take 290w to Route 20w exit. Follow Boston directions starting at step 2.

Coming from Boston

 1) Take the Mass Pike to exit 10.

 2) Keep to the right, following Route 20 West and 12 South.

 3) Turn onto 20 West.

 4)Turn left onto Richardson Corner Rd.  Camp Joslin will be on the
right in 1.5 miles