Rhiassa Presents: Feast of the Leviathan XXI The Old and the New

January 19, 2019

Site was JN Webster Boy Scout Camp - Ashford, CT.

Event Holder was Jason T Rosa.

Feastocrat was Lani Jones.

Event Description
Greetings, friends,

Once again the chill of winter has settled over our lands, a welcome reminder that the Feast of the Leviathan fast approaches. Having hosted a score of this yearly gathering, there is much about this time of year that is familiar and routine. Yet as our kitchens spring to life and our countrymen convene to begin preparations, it has become clear to us that embracing the familiar cannot be our only goal as we begin the Feast of the Leviathan's third decade. This year, instead, our aim is to embrace bold new ideas while still doing honor to our old tried and true traditions.

In reflection, our lives are defined by the confluence of the old and the new. We remember our past glories while still seeking new adventure. We rely on previous experiences to teach us lessons that define our ensuing actions. Our communities and families grow and change as old friends go their separate ways and we bring new compatriots into the fold. While it can be comforting to look behind us, embraced by our past, we are called upon to always walk forward building the best future we can.

To build that future for the Feast of the Leviathan we are attempting a wide array of new things this year. The entire format of the day will be different and inventive while still keeping the soul of our traditions intact. We've changed the layout of the hall, added new and exciting entertainment and innovated the way that we serve food, all with the aim of allowing our guests to have the space and time to fully enjoy the company of friends both old and new.

And speaking of new friends, of chief importance to this year's gathering is to officially present to the Realms our daughter, born this past summer and now having reached the age that her name can be bestowed upon her. We ask that all of our family and allies be present for the auspicious event. 

So once more we welcome you to Rhiassa to partake in our hospitality and join one another in celebration and in camaraderie. We invite you to experience our new innovations while still enjoying the old familiar aspects of the day that you've come to cherish. Please make your way to our hall to celebrate the beginning of a new year together, honoring our past and looking forward to a bright future.

Leviathan with you,

Lord Sir Aeston, Lady Dame Areni, and Lord Sir Gwen Stromgate
Event Wrap-up
Hello all,

We’d like to take a moment to extend our deepest thanks to all of the individuals who helped us make Feast of the Leviathan XXI successful.

First of all to the staff who came together weekend after weekend before the event to help us plan and cook and put together props and those who helped to set up the site on Friday, thank you to Ben Hamilton, Siona Gouthro, Laura Bushaw, Alex Groom, Katie Cannamela, Katie Skeggs, Cory Roy, Nataliya Kostenko, and the whole Gallagher family.

To the staff that helped man the kitchen throughout the day Saturday, helping with cooking, serving, washing, and everything else that has to happen behind the scenes to feed you throughout the day. Thank you to Siona Gouthro, Katie Cannamela, Katie Skeggs, Nataliya Kostenko, Angie Gray, Ethan Goldman, Cal Marsden, John Berini, Tom Keaney, and Chuck Jones.

To the staff that ran all of the activities in the front of the house. For executing various tournaments and games and running the carnival throughout the day, Alex Groom, Ben Hamilton, and Cory Roy. For running the Casino, Sean Veale, Becky Baron, 
David Rubenstein, David Harvill, Gregory Falconer, and Brendan Turcotte. To the Bar staff, thank you to Beth Tozier and Sarah Fournier. For running the kids activities, Jen Gallagher. For entertaining people with the Adventurer’s Guild, Tucker Noyes, and Zach Senchuck. For setting up Photography Quest and for taking general pictures of the event, Matt Norris.

A special thank you as well to great majority of the attendees for helping us rapidly clean up the site before you left, with an extra special thank you to the members of Ashenmark and Chimeron for staying considerably later than most to make sure we all got out of there at a reasonable hour.

And as always, thank you to all of our patrons for coming to our door each year, for battling against the impending snowstorm, for giving us the chance to feed you and entertain you all day long. This year, as you know, we decided to make some major changes to the format of the feast. Taking a tradition that has run for twenty years and completely changing numerous aspects of it was not an easy thing, but we attempted it because we felt it best represented the way all of you showed us you want to enjoy the day. More opportunity to roam around, enjoy a wider variety of foods, eat continuously throughout the day, engage in entertainment more fluidly. We know that we have a lot of bugs to work out to elevate the new format to our standards, but as a first attempt we feel that we found some success. We’d really like to know your opinion of the new format, so please do us the kindness of submitting an event review on RealmsNET.

Thank you once again to everyone, and see you next year at Feast of the Leviathan XXII, January 18, 2020.

Jason, Jennifer, and Leilani
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