NedenQuesting 3 Playing with Portals

September 30, 2018

Site was Mine Falls - Nashua, NH. - Nashua, NH.

Event Holder was Emilio Jimenez.

Event Description
Greetings adventurers, 

Something is amiss in the lands of Neden! First our castle get teleported out of our lands for some unknown reason..... and now rogue portals are popping up left and right with all sorts of unsavory individuals coming from them. I have found a way to pinpoint these rogue portals  and can open a portal of my own to take you directly to the source but we need your help to quell the invaders and close these portals.
Event Wrap-up
It was an exciting day of bandits, jerky, pizza and portals. Thanks to the efforts of you brave adventurers the lands of Neden have returned back to normalish state and the dreaded  Senor Fuego has not been spotted since he was sealed away in his own portal. All the stolen items were returned to their owners and Goosyruss was rescued without a single feather ruffled.
 As an interestingly side note there is an oddly friendly dragon helping us clean up the recent brain slug infestation with a passion. I can only assume we have the same group of adventurers to than for that. Hopefully we can call upon his help in future encounters against this strange infestation that continues to creep through the lands of Neden.
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