A Very Merry Yule at Uncle 'Crazy' Cecil's Tavern 2 FOR THE SHINE GORG!!!!1!!

December 14 - December 16, 2018

Site was Ye Olde Commons - Charlton, MA.

Event Holders were Matthew Brenner, Sean Veale.

Feastocrat was Liz Butler.

Event Description
12/4 Update 
-- Updated dessert contest notes
-- We could still you volenteers (you get money off the event!)  Please signup here.
-- Calling out tht pre-reg bunks are full(previous update)

We hope everyone is looking forward to another great year of Yuletide celebration including questing, vendors, photos with Matt Norris, delicious food, casino games, a visit from Pater Yule, the annual gift swap, and Twen's charity auction. We're excited to share this weekend of fun with you all! Specific details can be found below.

Tentative Schedule
6:00pm - Site Opens, Bunks can be claimed (see Other Notes for details)
All Night -- Hall decoration.  You must help for at least 1 hour if you want to come friday night to ensure we get it all done.  
9:00pm - 50 gold Poker Tournament

10:00am - Reg Desk Opens, Bunks can be claimed (see Other Notes for details)
Noon - Reading of the Rules & Questing Start
2:00pm -- Pater Yule (kids only, if there is question on your if your child is too old ask Janna)
4:30pm - Questing Ends
5:15pm - Vendors Closed
6:00pm - First Toast
7:00pm - Pater Yule
After Pater Yule -- Gift swap! 
9:00pm - 100 gold Poker Tournament

Breakfast available starting around 9ish
1:00pm - Site closes

The tavern stage will be available to vendors until 5:15pm. Anyone interested in vending space should contact Kelly Bonci/Twen.

Pater Yule will be gracing us with his presence and gifts again this year! If you sent him a letter, you must have a PAID pre-register for the event no later than December 3rd, 2018.

If you could not send a letter at Black & White while serving as a member of our Armed Forces, you may send letters to Pater Yule by addressing them to Janna Oakfellow-Pushee (whose email and mailing address are listed above). We will need to receive them by November 20, 2018 to ensure Pater Yule has time to respond appropriately to your requests.

Gamblers Rejoice,

The Chimeron Casino Royale will be running Friday and Saturday events with a wide selection of table games for your amusement.  In addition, Friday evening will feature a 50 gold buy-in Texas hold-em tournament*, followed by a 100 gold buy-in tournament* Saturday evening. 
Both tournaments will start by 8 and run for 3 hours max, with chip count determining the placing if need be.

*House takes 10%, afterwards the payout is (1st 50%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 20%). Normal stacked deck blind structure will be used,  Rebuys rules determined by players at the start of the tournaments.

Matt Norris will be offering his services Saturday evening for those interested in individual or group soul-stealing (photography)! It is free, and the results can be purchased from his excellent shop (website) after the event!

Questing Info
TBA, but there is questing planned. 
Event Wrap-up

We would like to take a moment to sincerely thank all of you in this wonderful community who came and made this year’s Uncle Cecil’s what it was. We hope you all had a great time, and appreciate any feedback you could give us on what you felt we did or did not do well so we make next year as excellent as possible: https://www.realmsnet.net/events/1692/archive#reviews

We’d love to publicly thank the incredible number people who helped us out throughout the weekend in various and sundry ways...and hopefully we’ll get everyone! (If not: our bad, please let us know! It means a lot to us and we’d like to correct any errors.)

We’ll almost definitely miss someone who helped with the chaotic process of decorating, but we’re going to try anyway - thank you to Athena Jacobowitz Teatum, MJ Rodriguez, Ken Belsito, Kim and Dennis Coffey, and Megan Williamson for helping decorate the hall, as well as to Michael Zajac for helping to wrangle the tree the Wednesday before the event.

Liz and the rest of staff would like to thank Ally Cunningham and Becky Garbos for being by her side in the kitchen all weekend and Joe Simms being the turkey extraordinaire and an all around helpful guy. Liz and the rest of the staff would also like to thank MJ Rodriguez, Crystal Welch, Athena Jacobowitz Teatum, Katy Crumb, Eric Willisson, Des Hoonhoute, Stephen Sanford, Matt Butler, and Kyle Yazinka for helping with dishes and/or cooking. 

In addition to the aforementioned folks who helped keep glasses clean for the bar by collecting and washing dishes, Bar Staff would like to especially thank Mike Zajac for taking on a leadership role, and to Sarah Fournier, Kelsey Miranda, Lynna Gallo, Tonya Pirrone, Kim Coffey, and Karri Greenhalge for keeping the drinks flowing efficiently Saturday night.

Pater Yule:
Making and organizing the dozens of gifts from Pater Yule to those who send him letters each year is a significant undertaking, and we’d like to thank Derek Booke, Steven Matulewicz, Tucker Noyes, Brit Fowler, Elyse Donnelly, Kim Coffey, Dennis Coffey, Mikey Donnelly, Eric Willisson, Dave Hayden, Tom Gallagher, and Stephen Sanford.

Charity Auction:
This year, Twen’s Charity Auction raised over $500 to support War Dogs Making It Home, with smaller donations to Take This and the Volunteer Humane Society. So many people donated gifts, goods, and services for this year’s Charity Auction, some of them simply dropped off at the table as people arrived on site, and we can’t reasonably list everyone here. Kelly would like to specially thank Sarah Fournier for help setting up, Cal Marsden for excellent ticket salesmanship, and Kyle Yazinka for being a lovely assistant and name-yeller.

Beth, Pat, and the rest of staff would like to thank Matt Butler for being Magic Marshal, and then James Murphy, Ryan Welch, Joe Sims, Aaron Metzger, Melissa Metzger, Katy Crumb, Sean Finn, and Christopher Donnelly for NPCing, with a special shout out
 to Athena Jacobowitz Teatum(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4dZ2jDP_k4&t=25s) for her portrayal of the “Marjory, the all mighty trash heap, neahha"(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEL2oghHHyk)  

Sean and the rest of staff would like to thank MJ Fischer, Pi Fisher and Emily Murphy for dealing both Friday and Saturday nights and Brendan Turcotte for dealing the poker tournament Saturday night at the Chimeron Casino Royale.

Ah, cleanup. First and foremost, we need to thank all of you who came to the event and cleaned up after yourselves and each other throughout the weekend, and on Sunday! Every little bit that you can take care of so we don’t have to is appreciated. (Cabin cleanup and site walk was very easy this year) We’d also like to recognize the tireless efforts of Arthur Granger, Megan Williamson, Katy Crumb, Athena Jacobowitz Teatum, Joe Sims, Eric Willisson, Matt Butler, Ken Belsito, Ryan Welch, and Crystal Welch for sweeping, mopping, moving chairs and tables, packing bins and vehicles, hauling away bags of trash and an extremely large fir tree, and working with us until everything was clean at 2:30pm Sunday afternoon. You guys seriously rock.

We all wish you the best in the coming year, and remember the Yule Spirit of helpfulness and joy in everything you do in the coming year.

Sans Flamme!

The 2018 UCCT Core Staff
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