Feast Of Creathorne 2019

February 16, 2019

Site was Camp Carpenter - Manchester, NH.

Event Holder was Andrew V. Disbrow.

Event Description
Event starts at 
Event ends at 
Site opens at 10:30am for staff  11am everyone else and closes at 9:30pm.
  please do not arrive early the boy scouts double booked the hall and they depart at 11am..

Cost: $30 January-Febuary20/ $35 after Feb10 and at the door

Creathorne for a day of feasting and tavern festivities. We will be having tavern games, gambling and perhaps some bardics and storytelling to boot. 

 CREATHORNE DOES NOT PROVIDE SERVANTS! IF YOU WANT ONE BRING ONE (But we will have Servers at the table again this year). If you want some of your own servitors .. 

Sofar menu: stews, soups, turkey, ham, beef, venison, bear, rabbit, pasta, rice, potatoes. 

Order of the List tournaments. 

We will be holding a Golden Raffle: 1 gold coin of the realms buys you a ticket. You can not buy it in the envelope of what item you want and hope you win .. you can buy gold coins of the realms (no substitutions). Some items are from Vandoria Vestments certificates and much more ...

The Creathorne Casino will be open for your pleasure a currency conversion chart There will be lots of Other games too (we are going to have many there will be table games there to play and conbat tournaments also..

1 Gamblers Guild Stacked Deck sanctioned Tournament 50 gold buy in, 1 re-buy into 2nd blind 3 hour maximum time. 1-4place points and pot division will be awarded & a gold deck of cards. We will be using the 2019 stacked deck rules as best we can "remember it is about players having fun".

(paid reg is the only pre-reg) We are
not charging for young kids under 10 but we still need to know they are coming... 10-16 1/2 price 16+ full price.


Kitchen: Leilani Elaine, 
combat marshals Staff: Shandar and Daekara
Bardic judges: 

Buffet table: kitchen and Creathorne members

dish room staff : 
Casino Staff: 

Order of the List marshals: 

confirmed shops: Vandoria's Vestments
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