Off the Hook Into the Deep End

April 27, 2019

Site is UCONN - Hicks Arena - Storrs, CT (View Map).
Site opens at 12:00pm and closes at 10:00pm

Event starts at 01:00 PM, on Saturday April 27, 2019.
Event ends at 09:00 PM, on Saturday April 27, 2019.

Cost is $20.
Cost via Paypal is $20.00 per person.
Pre-registration is suggested (Register for Event).

Event Holder
Alyssa Lee
Magic Marshal
Tucker Noyes
Event Description
Deep beneath Pacifica, in the fathoms below where the light fades, there is a place where fabric of the Realms reality frays, and it interweaves with the Emerald Path.  Down there, in the abyssal depths lurks a being, driven to madness in the attempt to wield the power of a god.  Follow Thea Dalma and to recover Calypso's power, discover what fishy machinations are brewing in the deep, and learn something important about yourself along the way.
Rules Changes and Notes
While this event is taking place in character, it will be very whimsical and contain a lot of anachronistic pop culture references.  We ask that participants keep the light-hearted nature of the event in mind, and that things will get wacky.  If this isn't the sort of event you are interested in PCing, we always welcome event staff and NPCs!
Other Notes
Light fare will be provided, please register any dietary restrictions.
UCONN - Hicks Arena
Storrs, CT
GPS Location: 3636 Horsebarn Hill Rd Ext, Storrs CT
(This will take you to the Dairy Bar, which is across the street from
the Arena)

Map on the UCONN map site:

From Central and Western MA and all Points North: 
Find your best way to Rt: 84 in Connecticut.
Get off 84 at exit 68 (rt 195).
Turn left onto 195 South into Storrs.
195 takes you through the UCONN campus.

From Eastern MA and RI:
Find your best way to Rt: 395 in CT.
Get off 395 at exit 97 (rt 44).
Take 44 West to the intersection with 195 in Storrs.
Take a left onto 195 South.
195 takes you through the UCONN campus.

Once on 195 and you see you are approaching campus (you will note 
the blue signs), look for Horsebarn Hill on the left. Do not turn 
left here. Go past this road, and then past the next three entrances 
on the left (all driveways). 

When you see a small blue and white sign labeled "Dairy Bar 
Entrance" take that left down the driveway. If you see North 
Eagleville Rd on your right then you have gone too far.

Take your first right off of that driveway and you will be at the 
lot for the arena. At the end of that next short driveway, taking a 
right will bring you to the arena (and very limited parking), and
taking a left will bring you to overflow parking. 

There is a map of these turns on campus at: