Feast of Teng Hua

April 14, 2019

Site was Montague Common Hall - Montague Center, MA.

Event Holder was Jason Gray.

Event Description
Citizens of the Realms,

It has been far too long since Teng-hua has had the opportunity to host our friends and allies. His Imperial Highness, Emperor Matsuma Lysis wishes for one and all to join us in a day of celebration. It would honor us greatly to share with you our culture, food, and traditions.

We have planned a variety of activities that we hope you will find entertaining, and a selection of food that we hope will leave you satiated.

As is our tradition, during a celebration such as this, peace will reign. There is no need for weapons other than a small, ornamental sidearm.

In Service,
Kitsuki Shen
Hand of the Emperor
Event Wrap-up
Thanks to all the players who came with us on this culinary journey. We tried some new things, some worked well, some not so much. Groundwork was layed for future events.

We had a lot of phenomenal help with this event, and as much as I'd like to name everyone I am sure I would forget someone. Please know we could t have made this event a success without you all.
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