Feast Of Verai 2 Festival of Cerwyden *

March 09, 2019

Site was First Baptist Church-ABC - Nashua, NH - Nashua, NH.

Event Holder was Beth Tozier.

Event Description
** We are happy to announce the re-opening of the New Verai Gaming Den! Come play the renowned Camel Race, and participate in the Cribbage Tournament! 
**The Games Masters are happy to announce the Grand Opening of the Gladiator Pits! Grand Prizes for the winners of the challenges! 
** Along the northern border of Verai, a strange voice can be heard on the night winds saying More Power, followed by cackling laughter. Perhaps the people of the Realms could help investigate?


Unto the people of the Realms,

His excellency Nertail Talis Cameron d'Ma'at, Verai Ambassedor to the Realms, Steward of New Verai, Steward of Doomghaurd, Cousin to their Majesty's King Taithan and Princess Cora, would like to cordially invite you once again to join the people of New Verai in celebration of Cerwyden. 
With the rift activity gone, and slavery outlawed, a new balance has come to the lands of New Verai. His excellency and the people wish to share their new bounty with you, their new allies and friends. 
Those of all backgrounds and station are invited to share in the joys of the day, where balance is restored. 

In Service to Verai,
-Verion T'Sin
  Chief Secretary

OOC: This is be a capped feast at 50 PCs. A PAID Pre-reg will ensure your spot.
Event Wrap-up
The staff of Feast of Verai two would like to say thank you to everyone that attended the event. 

Thank you to the staff, without whom the event would not have been possible; ; Matt Butler for Magic and Quest Marshalling, Neil for playing Nertail and helping with the daytime activities, Dano for playing the Magistrate and helping coordinate food service - These guys ran the event while the kitchen cooked!
Thank you to Becky Garbos for running reg and helping keep the hall looking great.

Thank you to our NPCs; Ben Lacasse, Eli Spicer, Keith Cronyn, James Murphy (who ran some very fun games!), Emily Murphy, Kenzie Garbos, Sean Finn, Steve Nelson, Eren Pills-Martin (who came on last minute, thank you), Arthur Granger, Jason Gray, Lynn Butler, Kelley “Trouble” Osborne, and Dez Hoonhout.

Thank you to the kitchen staff; they once again took the chaos that is my mind and turned it into a feast full of foods we hope you all enjoyed: Lani Jone, Leanne Micciche, Liz Butler and Ally Cunningham. You are the best kitchen staff I could have ever asked for. Without you all, nothing would have gotten done. I could not possibly thank any of you enough.
Thank you Dez and Kelley for also doing dishes throughout the day!
Special thanks to Angie Earle-Gray for making the basbousa dessert and sending it with Jason! 

Thank you to the players who stayed late and helped with clean-up; Special shout out to Ryan Welch and Joe Sims for staying to the very last with the staff (right up until Neil and I went to lock the doors and drop off the key).

We want to extend a sincere thank you to you all, as well. Without players, we would have had no one to entertain and feed.
We hope that you enjoyed the event. We look forward to hearing your feedback either through RealmsNet reviews, or VIA The Post Event Letter.

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