Void When Seal is Broken [This subtitle intentionally left blank.]

March 02, 2019

Site was WPI Riley Commons - Worcester, MA.

Event Holder was Christopher Donnelly.

Event Description
My fellow adventurers,
I trust you are aware of the attempted incursion on our world made by the armies of the Risen Kingdom. To our knowledge it began in earnest in early 1014, and was of course finally thwarted last March when many of you coordinated with our Militia to capture their final stronghold and the remaining portal between our two worlds.

Since that day, Chimeron has ensured the portal's security and conducted tests to understand its manner of use should the need arise.

Though the enemy was driven back, we know their intent was to harvest our resource-rich world of magic and materials as fuel for corrupted Void-magic and to continue their expansion even further. We bested three of their "noble" families' forces with concerted effort, but the Risen Kingdom's other targets may lack that capability. Reckless corruption, destruction, and decay cannot go unchecked. Our strength obligates us to sustain the balance of nature's ebbs and flows, and to restore that balance where it is disrupted. To that end, it is imperative that we gain access to the enemy's world. Those that would aid in this mission are welcome to gather at the Militia's Portal Outpost in Chimeron on Saturday, March 2, 1019.

Should you decide to join us, here is what you need to know:
-Captured soldiers called their world Gi, pronounced "GEEE", hard "G".
-The portal to Gi has been heavily warded by the Risen Kingdom to weaken and obstruct any who attempt to go through it.
-We have developed a procedure to strip the wards by manipulating a micro-plane within the portal itself.
-Magic, life, and time (and thus, also sanity) for up to 10 individuals can be sustained in the micro-plane for about 90 minutes at a time.
-No individual should venture into the micro-plane with a frequency exceeding once per month to prevent ...unfortunate... side effects.

In light of the above, the mission to clear our path to Gi will be divided into three 90-minute, 10-person expeditions. The first party will be leaving late-morning and the others will venture forth later in the afternoon.

I'll see you on the field.

Sir Saka Keeneye
Warlord of Chimeron


This event is planned to be a relatively low-combat event, with a number of puzzles and challenges to overcome and plot information to discover. That said, combat will be present and some of the challenges may be physical in nature.

This event is capped at 30 PCs, with three separate quest times for 10 PCs each. At this point, each quest is full. Further pre-registrations will be added to a waiting list. If you have any questions, please contact Pat Bobell via email or Facebook Messenger.

Quest 1: 11AM - 1PM
1. Christie Vasquez
2. Dennis Coffey
3. Kim Coffey
4. Ed Drummond
5. Kiddo
6. Ryan Welch
7. Crystal Devoe
8. Tyler Chase
9. Robbie Crockett
10. Linnea Rose

Quest 2: 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
11. James Murphy
12. Emily Murphy
13. Sean Finn
14. Nate Soule
15. Katie Skeggs
16. Nick Contrino
17. John Berrini
18. Arthur Granger
19. Javier Rodriguez
20. Lani Jones

Quest 3: 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
21. Nick Quadrini
22. Alyssa Lee
23. Nataliya Kostenko
24. Tucker Noyes
25. Ben Pepper
26. Steve Yazinka
27. Kyle Yazinka
28. Paul Tilton
29. Zach Senchuk
30. Mike Preato

Waiting List
1. Tom Keaney (Quest 1)
Event Wrap-up
My fellow adventurers,

I'm told by the researchers of the Subtle Thread that thanks to the combined efforts of last weekend's expeditions into the Void Portal, adventurers going into Gi will be able to do so without being hindered by bodily weakness and disease, and our weapons will no longer be stripped of their special properties. (This is particularly significant, as Risen Kingdom forces have thus far been particularly susceptible to Magic and Silver.)

Unfortunately, it seems that connections to gods of the Realms, the powers of magic items, and other systems of magic remain blocked by the Void Portal's wards. While these disadvantages are far from crippling, they will make our military efforts a bit more difficult.

I'll see you on the field.

Sir Saka Keeneye
Warlord of Chimeron


With several events now under our belt, we wanted to take a stab at giving you all a new type of challenge! We hope our players all enjoyed the event, even if some of the individual puzzles may have been tough to solve. We'd greatly appreciate any feedback you're willing to share on your experience! Here's a link to the PEL for this event, as well as a link to leave a review on Realmsnet:
Thanks in advance if you're able to contribute to our future improvement!

Risen Kingdom staff would like to acknowledge and express our gratitude for the excellent assistance of Danielle Guimont, Ryan Keller, Jacquelyn, Ryan, Sean Veale, Elyse Donnelly, and Melissa Metzger. The event wouldn't have been the same without their cumulative help with prep, setup, staffing, NPCing, and teardown. We'd also like to thank Dave Hayden for NPCing as his PC!

Finally, a huge thank you to all of our players who helped with cleanup at the end of the event! Your energetic spirit and hard work is very much appreciated. We hope you're all looking forward to the next installment of the Risen Kingdom storyline - we certainly are!

Love and Void Hugs,
Mikey Donnelly and Risen Kingdom Staff
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