From the Rift The Five Plagues

October 18 - October 20, 2019

Site was Camp Lewis Perkins - South Hadley, MA.

Event Holders were Zachary Senchuk, Tim Suitor, Travis Wilcox.

Event Description
Greetings adventurers, I call to you seeking aid. Reports have been coming in from just south of Silverglade Forest in Stonewood that a rift has opened and creatures have come though. The beings that passed though have slaughtered the local population of that area and by report, have been transforming the victims into undead. Some of the survivors claim they saw demons and other hideous monsters. One report said they had even gained  control of the already present local undead population. Beware those who come to help, this is not your average adventure and you will be challenged.  Be sure to bring your bag of tricks with you as it seems when the local undead turn against you they are a challenging foe.

Many Thanks,
Lord Sir Elwin O'Bearikin
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