Chimeron Questing XXVII Big Trouble in Little Chimeron

August 16 - August 18, 2019

Site is Camp Blanchard Y Camp - Sutton, MA (View Map).
Site opens at 8/16/2019 7:00 PM and closes at 8/18/2019 3:00 PM

Event starts at 08:00 PM, on Friday August 16, 2019.
Event ends at 02:00 PM, on Sunday August 18, 2019.

Cost is Details in Event Description.
Pre-registration is suggested.

Event Holders
Ryan Welch
Megan Williamson
Eric Willisson
Patrick Bobell (Unofficial)
Katrina Hull (Unofficial)
Other Contacts
Elyse Donnelly (Feastocrat)
Christopher Donnelly
Event Description

An opportunity is coming to continue what we started last year. From the dreaming what was lost may be discovered. My patron senses a stirring amongst the long dormant skerries connected to those you visited during your masquerade festivities last fall and approaching threat of a cataclysmic event. I will provide you with a lead the Friday night of your annual summer gathering in Chimeron to an ancient location that may yield some answers.

The Shepherd


A tiny town model has been mysteriously appearing and disappearing in various locations across Chimeron. Very little is known about it as the town never stays in the same place for long. Curiosity is building among the adventurers and commonfolk of the land: where did it come from? Why does it keep moving?


In other (admittedly more… stationary) parts of the Kingdom, life continues in as normal a fashion as possible for a realm brimming with magical energy. It’s been over a year since the occupying forces of the Risen Kingdom were defeated, and that peace, along with the bountiful spring rains, have imbued the fields and forests with incredible life. Yet in the City, the summer sunlight seems to make the shadows all that much deeper. More conflict lurks just past the horizon, and talks of trade are tinged with tension. Goods need moving and deals need making, after all. And there are always little troubles that need solving.

The least we can do is pray for peace, and make the most of it before the drums of war roll thunder across the Hill again.


Everyone is invited to this year's Chimeron Questing!  As it has been the past couple years, Chimeron Questing will continue with its open-world style.  There will be many puzzles, problems, and quests in need of solving - some interrelated, some not - as the weekend progresses.  Light fare will be available at the tavern throughout, as well as a casual dinner Saturday evening. We will only guarantee full dinner for those who pre-reg before the 8/12 deadline, and dietary restrictions must be registered by 8/9 for us to attempt to accommodate them.    

Payments can be sent via this link:
Full Weekend is $40, Saturday-only is $30. Add Friday night or Sunday for $5 each.
New players (whose first Realms event was after 8/16/2018) can still get the early pre-reg $10 discount. Pricing includes dinner Saturday night. No extra fee for tenting or sleeping in designated buildings.

Overnight Accommodations
For those interested in staying overnight Friday or Saturday, there will be ample camping space available.  Please keep all tents within marked areas to ensure they don't interfere with planned quest areas.  For those interested in indoor space, there will be a limited number of unfurnished building (each fitting a few people) available free of charge on a first come first served basis.  Only buildings clearly signed as such will be available for sleeping.  People hoping for indoor space should be sure to bring their own sleeping pad.
Rules Changes and Notes
[Content Warnings and "Bowing Out"]
We want everybody to enjoy Chimeron Questing and we have written a wide variety of content in order to appeal to many different interests and styles of play. While it will not be a prevalent theme of the event, a few of our encounters may include content that may make some players uncomfortable. We will do our best to provide content warnings around these encounters. If at any time you are OOC uncomfortable with an IC situation, you may "bow out" of the scene by shading your eyes with your hand, bowing your head, and walking away. After you "bow out", you are OOC until you return to the Tavern.  You do not need to give any explanation IC or OOC for why you are removing yourself from the situation. If you see another player "bow out", you should continue play as normal, adapting as if their character has left for a good but unconcerning reason.

You may "bow out" of a scene or encounter at any time, regardless of whether or not a content warning was provided. If you feel that a situation violated the Code of Conduct, you should report your concerns to one of the Event Staff.

[Resource Cards]
Resource Cards will play a large part at this year's Chimeron Questing! These cards represent materials, treasure, or other goods and may be used to resolve quests, turned into alchemical potions, bartered and sold, or even exchanged with a gold fee to commission physical props made by Chimeronian craftsfolk!

By default, each character may carry up to 3 resource cards. Characters carrying a specially-made deckbox representing a horse and cart will be able to carry any number of cards that fit within the closed box, but must walk at all times. Resource Cards and Card Carts are Stealable and cannot be placed in Deep Pockets.

[Weapon Inspections]
All weapons are to be inspected at check-in. Weapons made with experimental materials or designs will be allowed on a case-by-case basis.

[Bows and Arrows]
In the interest of promoting safe archery, all bows will be inspected and their draw-weight measured at check-in; any bows which exceed the 30 pound limit set by the Omnibus will not be allowed in play. All bows which pass inspection will be fixed with a tag; the tag must be visible at all times while the bow is in play. If during the event a bow is considered to have been used in an unsafe manner, a marshal will put a marking on the tag and issue a warning to the archer. If the bow is again deemed to have been used unsafely, the tag will be removed and the bow will no longer be allowed in play.

We understand that a bow may be used by multiple archers at an event. If a bow is misused by two different people, its inspection tag will still be removed. We trust that players will be responsible when it comes to sharing and using bows.

[The Dreaming]
Encounters throughout the event may involve falling asleep to explore the Dreaming. To ensure sleeping adventurers' bodily safety, the Chimeron Militia has designated an area where they will be guarded from mischief. The presence of a Dreaming quest will be indicated with a lit candle in the Tavern. A note will accompany the candle and will show any relevant IC context, content warnings, and other important information related to that particular dream. To enter that dream, write your name on the paper and a marshal will lead you to the appropriate location. If there is no marshal standing near a lit candle/note, then the quest already started and your character will be unable to join at that point. This way, you get to have fun in the Dreaming, your friends who come back to the tavern from other quests can see your name on the list and know that your character is (physically) safe, and we know you're aware of any content warnings that may be on the quest's sign-up note!

[Special Mechanics]
Story Shards, Trappings of Civilization, and Chimeron Regionals will be in effect. Story Shards must be submitted by 8/2 to ensure we can accommodate them. As always, details on special calls and effects, Story Shards, and Trappings of Civilization can be found on Rua Thar Cinn's Google Site:

Story Shard submissions are due no later than two weeks before the event.

Some encounters (particularly mods in contained areas) may have unique mechanics that will be concisely explained upon entry. Unless instructed otherwise, those mechanics will not carry over to other areas of the event site.

Site rules will be in effect.
No drugs (including marijuana), no alcohol. 
No going in the water without a site-approved lifeguard. One will be provided for part of Saturday afternoon.

Other rules or rule changes may be added to this announcement or announced at the event.
Other Notes
If you would like to tie in your own Realms stories or NPCs at this event to help contribute to the Realms' cohesiveness, you are welcome to contact an EH or listed contact for the event!

If you would like to attend as a player but are unable to afford the event fee, you may contact one of the event holders listed above to work something out.
Camp Blanchard Y Camp
Sutton, MA
Take 290 South to 395
Take 395 to exit 4A for Sutton   (There are two exit 4s. Take the one 
that says Sutton Ave. Sutton.) 
Go right at end of exit.
Go 3.5 miles
Turn right onto Manchaug Road (there is a sign to the camp on the 
corner). The camp is approximately two miles on the right