Chimeron Questing XXVII Big Trouble in Little Chimeron

August 16 - August 18, 2019

Site was Camp Blanchard Y Camp - Sutton, MA.

Event Holders were Ryan Welch, Megan Williamson, Eric Willisson.

Feastocrat was Elyse Donnelly.

Event Description

An opportunity is coming to continue what we started last year. From the dreaming what was lost may be discovered. My patron senses a stirring amongst the long dormant skerries connected to those you visited during your masquerade festivities last fall and approaching threat of a cataclysmic event. I will provide you with a lead the Friday night of your annual summer gathering in Chimeron to an ancient location that may yield some answers.

The Shepherd


A tiny town model has been mysteriously appearing and disappearing in various locations across Chimeron. Very little is known about it as the town never stays in the same place for long. Curiosity is building among the adventurers and commonfolk of the land: where did it come from? Why does it keep moving?


In other (admittedly more… stationary) parts of the Kingdom, life continues in as normal a fashion as possible for a realm brimming with magical energy. It’s been over a year since the occupying forces of the Risen Kingdom were defeated, and that peace, along with the bountiful spring rains, have imbued the fields and forests with incredible life. Yet in the City, the summer sunlight seems to make the shadows all that much deeper. More conflict lurks just past the horizon, and talks of trade are tinged with tension. Goods need moving and deals need making, after all. And there are always little troubles that need solving.

The least we can do is pray for peace, and make the most of it before the drums of war roll thunder across the Hill again.


Everyone is invited to this year's Chimeron Questing!  As it has been the past couple years, Chimeron Questing will continue with its open-world style.  There will be many puzzles, problems, and quests in need of solving - some interrelated, some not - as the weekend progresses.  Light fare will be available at the tavern throughout, as well as a casual dinner Saturday evening. We will only guarantee full dinner for those who pre-reg before the 8/12 deadline, and dietary restrictions must be registered by 8/9 for us to attempt to accommodate them.    

Payments can be sent via this link:
Full Weekend is $40, Saturday-only is $30. Add Friday night or Sunday for $5 each.
New players (whose first Realms event was after 8/16/2018) can still get the early pre-reg $10 discount. Pricing includes dinner Saturday night. No extra fee for tenting or sleeping in designated buildings.

Overnight Accommodations
For those interested in staying overnight Friday or Saturday, there will be ample camping space available.  Please keep all tents within marked areas to ensure they don't interfere with planned quest areas.  For those interested in indoor space, there will be a limited number of unfurnished building (each fitting a few people) available free of charge on a first come first served basis.  Only buildings clearly signed as such will be available for sleeping.  People hoping for indoor space should be sure to bring their own sleeping pad.
Event Wrap-up
tl;dr: Thanks for coming to Chimeron Questing! A lot happened, and we hope you had fun!
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With another Chimeron Questing behind us, we want to send out a huge thank you to everyone who could join us! Listing even half of what you all did would be way too much for one wrap-up missive, so here's a sampling:

You found a way to keep Birch Grove from jumping around Chimeron, solved some of the town's problems through your simulacrums, and made a lot of progress toward bringing its citizens out of the Mysts by venturing into different parts of the Dreaming (accessible thanks to your actions at last year’s Black & White). You infiltrated a literal loan shark's beach party, exposed his corrupt business dealings, and rescued a hostage. (We have reports that the shark's lake somehow burned down later that night, with no known casualties.) Some younger adventurers tracked down the sheep and dogs that had been chased off by a scary monster, and discovered that the farmer was pretending to be the monster the entire time! You helped a young couple escape their disapproving fathers by writing them into a high-profile play, and played games with Jack in the Dreaming to test how to best move against the Risen Kingdom's stronghold in Gi. Most significantly for us, when the Sluagh hid pieces of Rekees in boxes around Chimeron - including her still-beating heart - you helped us track the boxes down so we can heal her once she is rescued. And it apparently wouldn't be a Chimeron Questing if some of you didn't do something to get put on trial before the King.

We never could have predicted some of the directions you took our stories in, and we hope we did a good job of adapting to your different choices and playstyles! From Friday night through early Sunday afternoon, you participated in over 20 hours of active content, and most of that time there were 3 or 4 encounters happening simultaneously. Make sure you talk to your fellow adventurers and listen for upcoming rumors to find out what else was going on around you - we can guarantee some of it will be important at future events with Chimeronians on staff.

We of course need to acknowledge the excellent dinner Saturday night and breakfast Sunday morning, planned and prepared by Elyse Donnelly (with extra prep help from her fellow Masters of the Spoon, Melissa Metzger and Matt Brenner). We especially appreciate the help of several players who took the time to help with cleanup after Saturday's dinner, and dishes throughout the weekend.

To Danielle Guimont, Ben Lacasse, and Jon Balboni, it was a pleasure having you NPC with us. Thank you for lending your time and creativity to the event! Special thanks and crafting credit to Tucker Noyes and Ashenmark, who lent us their fantastic shark masks.

For everyone that helped us clean up during and after the event, we greatly appreciate your commitment to the Realms traditions of leaving sites better than we find them, and to helping your volunteer event staff leave site at a reasonable hour. Many hands really do make light work!

We put in a lot of effort to raise the bar each year at Chimeron Questing. Sometimes our changes and new ideas work well, sometimes they don't. Feedback from our players is a major factor when we look to improve what we offer at our events. (A big example this year was the lifeguard we hired so people could swim and enjoy content in and around the lake.) If there was anything about Chim Questing that you particularly loved or found problematic, please let us know! Links to our "PEL" form and event review submission are in the tl;dr above. :)

We hope that the Resource Card system was interesting and enjoyable for everyone who engaged with it. We hope to continue using and improving it at future Chimeron events, so we welcome your feedback on the cards and how they were used.

Some of you took advantage of our Story Shard system, which we've been using to facilitate in-character action between events for the past few years. If you'd like to follow up on anything your character did (or didn't get to do) this past weekend, feel free to submit a Story Shard of your own! Assuming you submit them before the 2-week deadline, you'll receive the results at Black & White, or the Risen Kingdom quest the following weekend.

Until next year, we look forward to seeing you in the field and on the Western Flank!
-The Chimeron Questing Staff
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