That Which Escapes Us: The Siege of Eroewan

June 21 - June 23, 2019

Site was Creathorne Farm - Grafton, NH.

Event Holders were Benjamin Lacasse, Kelsey Miranda, Michael Zajac.

Event Description
A strange breeze has blown through the ancient groves.  The forest itself has begun to stir in a way it has not done in millennia. In the night while the village sleeps, the ground rumbles as an old and malevolent neighbor scurries from their mounds and a long forgotten corruption is felt running deep beneath the roots.  From the villages to the castles, seers' heads' pound in agony as the same intrepid frequency domineers their visions.

As more animals flee their dens, and the forest's residents begin to stretch their limbs, the phantasms become more and more clear. A shimmering figure speaks a foreboding warning  that echoes in tunnels untouched by man.  Wriggling in the darkness, through villages, forests, castles and wasteland something rotten through our land treads.  Over tundra, cities and grassy plains a discrete and powerful force moves by night leaving ash, plague and rot in their wake. 

Mova, The Mother Tree, has cried out to all her children, for she knows all, and she knows it is her that this foul presence hunts.  She is ours to protect, and the Grove of Eroewan would see itself lain to waste before they let their mother be torn asunder.  Strong as we are, we cannot withstand the tides of evil alone.  

Blackwood calls for aide. To its Provinces, To its Allies and to any warrior brave enough to stand against the horrors to come.  We cannot assure you'll live, or even that we'll win this battle, but we can assure that if we do nothing, Eroewan will not be the only victim. Stand with us now against the deep unknown.  We are the last and only front. Godspeed.
Event Wrap-up

The dust settles in the ancient grove. The malevolent skittering of the Meenlocks has dwindled into silence as they retreat into deep into their holes. The Illithids have seemingly vanished, leaving behind only black stains in the dirt where their corpses once lay.
  Towns were reduced to rubble, surpluses have become shortages and families were rended asunder. The denizens of the forest have suffered a great deal, but thanks to the brave heroes of the Realms, they’ve been given the chance to rebuild. Eroewan, though reeling, is not broken and that is solely thanks to the valiant efforts of those who answered the call, and its people will never forget that.
The Ents are awakened, and for the first time in almost a millennia, the earth rumbles with their steps and the woodlands are alive with the sound of creaking bark and long, low voices that babble in brightest day and darkest night.
  In this time of victory and miracles, Mova the Mother Tree reminds us that this eruption of violence and havoc is but a foreboding shadow of what lies beyond the confines of our mortal minds. Far in the west, a shadow looms over a defender long forgotten. The sounds of falling trees and snapping branches like broken bones echo across the unknown expanse. She knows we must recover, but urges us to make haste lest a much more terrible fate befall us.

Tonight, and for many nights to come, the tavern bards sing to a host of homeless civilians. The brave soldiers speak of valiance and victory, but the minstrels sing a familiar hymn, and the people dare not let its truth be lost to them.

Home is behind, the world ahead,
And there are many paths to tread
Through shadows to the edge of night,
Until the stars are all alight…

OOC (X-Posted from FB):

Hello Realms! As That Which Escapes Us: The Siege of Eroewan comes to a close we just want to send our sincerest thanks to everyone who made this weekend happen. We especially need to thank all of our NPCs (Aaron, Ryan, Laika, Ian, Josh, Ted, Rose, Ethan, Adam, Cal, Dan, Justin, Greg, Stephanie, Emily, Tucker, Paul, Steven, Travis, Arthur, Tom, Alex, Tyler, and anyone I may have forgotten *sorry*) that kicked ass this weekend, without any of you, our event would not had happened. You all rolled with what we had planned and helped smooth things out along the way and we appreciate every single one of you. 

Thank you to Blackwood and Chimeron for letting us borrow props and such for the event. 

Andrew, thank you for allowing us to use your land and bringing the trash down to the dump from the event.

Liam, thank you lending us your craftiness and creating the communicators for our quest.

Greg, thank you so much for taking on being head NPC all weekend, all of your suggestions were imperative for how the weekend went. You were a rockstar!

Wendi, thank you for staying at reg throughout the entire weekend and generally being helpful, we appreciate all of your efforts.

James, thank you for your donation of the pulled pork and for staying on site with us so we could load up your trailer with lots and lots of props and transporting it to storage.

Eli! You were a godsend with all of those canopies and the carport! Seriously, having all of them was such a HUGE help!

And Sew It Begins should absolutely recieve all the credit for those sick patches you saw on the Blackwood Tabbards.

Matt, thank you for allowing us to use and transporting the balista! 

Josh and Ted, thank you both for stepping in for roles as magic marshalling throughout the weekend. 

And to our PC's; THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Without all of you, this would have been for nothing. Thank you all for spending the weekend with us and taking part in our first event ever of the series. We hope that everyone enjoyed themselves! That being said, please find the time to fill out our PEL (Post Event Letter) linked below! We would love to keep throwing events but in order to know what worked well and what didnt we need your feedback! Remember that job contracts (or BGA's) will be posted within the next few days, in order to access these you must submit a PEL! (NPC's please also feel free to submit a PEL as well, we would love your feedback also!) 

Sorry to anyone else I may have forgotten to thank as I am running on E, but with that, it is time for us to hibernate for the next 2 weeks. Thanks again!


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