A New Be-Gi-Nning Risen Kingdoms Chapter 2

November 09, 2019

Site was Camp Pomperaug - Union, CT.

Event Holder was Aaron Metzger.

Event Description
Is turnabout fair play?

The Risen Kingdom has been pushed back. Their portal fell into the hands of the Realms, and while its wards were not fully broken, there is now an opportunity to venture into the lands they came from. Rumors already spread that it’s a land stripped of resources, devoid of hope.

It is clear that war would be grueling and yield little benefit. The lure of a new land, however, is a powerful draw. Some may want to break the Risen Kingdom and ensure they never threaten anyone again. Some worry for the people who must live in those harsh lands. And some look to the whispers of a dark Fallen King and plan to right a long-forgotten wrong.

Now is your chance. What trails will you blaze? What ideas will you bring? What will you make of your first campaign into Gi?
Event Wrap-up
What was once a portal for war, the Realms now hopes to make into a bridge for peace.  On the other side, a cold and barren wasteland awaited those who stepped through.  With help from the Subtle Thread, an outpost has been established from which new expeditions can begin.  With this foothold in enemy territory, will deliberations for peace truly begin or will the flames of war be stoked again?

Thank you to everyone who came out to A New Be-Gi-Nning this past Saturday!  My staff and I were excited to start this latest chapter in our story and it was great to see so many of you there with us!

To all my combat NPCs, Jason, Lani, Ben, Alex, Ian, Rose, Stephen, David, Mike, Ryan, and Sean, thank you for your tireless efforts fighting in the cold.  You helped make Gi into a truly awful place to be.  To my villagers, Kelsey, Melissa, Pat and Lani, thank you for taking what I wrote and breathing life into my characters.  Also thank you to Becky for playing Agent 37, to Elyse for keeping the tavern stocked with drinks and food, and to Ben for running out to grab extra snacks.

Finally, thank you to all of my RK staff: Eric, Mikey, Pat, Stephen, Kelsey and Rose.  Without your continued support, I would not be able to tell these stories with the depth and detail they deserve.

To all my PCs, we would greatly appreciate it if you could fill out our PEL found here:
We would love to hear about your experiences, what you enjoyed, what you didn’t, what you hope to accomplish in the future and what you thought of the new site.

Thanks again to everyone!
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