Aide for Aranea

August 02 - August 04, 2019

Site is Kinsman Road - Grafton, NH (View Map).
Site opens at 5pm Friday and closes at 2pm Sunday

Event starts at 05:00 PM, on Friday August 02, 2019.
Event ends at 02:00 PM, on Sunday August 04, 2019.

Cost is $25 pre-reg $30 at the door.
Cost via Paypal is $25.00 per person.
Pre-registration is suggested (Register for Event).

Event Holders
Nathan Cass
Jordan Rousseau
David Velez
Event Description
The nation of Aranea calls for aide from the heroes of the realms. Our people have traveled north in search of help and found the northern nations both strong and hospitable. We wish to return the favor of their hospitality but a curse lies upon our forest preventing most travel to and from parts of our homeland. Many remain lost and their families have given up hope of a safe return. The evil corrupting the region uses our own forest against us and we can not reason how to end their spell. I Alucard, Count of Aranea, beg the northern nations to bear this distant journey and lend their swords in defeating our nemesis. We know not our foes name but he has plagued our great forest for decades, to be rid of this hindrance would incur our deepest gratitude. A reward of gold and other treasures are promised to all who take part in lending our nation's aide.
Bring torches and bring your axes, the forest is ancient and full of surprises. 

Current Pcs pre-regged: 3
Rules Changes and Notes
Ask a Marshall about regionals beforehand please. This event does have a player cap of 40! We will have to turn back players after we reach our cap as parking and tenting space is limited for now. Any racial or regional benefits must be passed by a EH before they may be used and as always all magic items must be inspected and registered.
You will hear the call "Nature" used at this event, take it as 3 seconds of being rooted in place as well as 1 point of damage to the location it strikes.
Other Notes
Please let us know any diet restrictions so we may accommodate for them. There will be one meal served saturday for all players who pre-regged and any extra food will be given to late comers, a Sunday breakfast will be attempted as well if we have the funds! NEW PLAYERS please speak with a marshall or EH about a reduced entry fee :) (Anyone who cannot afford the monetary value of this event may attend free with the EH's permission and some minor servitude, no LARPer left behind.) 
(760 Kinsman road Grafton NH, 03240) 
If you can not find the location using the web please email me at and I can give you written directions.
Kinsman Road
760 Kinsman Road
Grafton, NH 03240