The Strangers War I Recovering the Seeker

September 14, 2019

Site was Camp Blanchard Y Camp - Sutton, MA.

Event Holder was Steven Matulewicz.

Event Description
IC/OOC:   Because of the unique situation, the tight time tables between the Donnybrook charity quest and this event, at 5pm Meg is going to open up the Kyomi Adventurers Snack Stand.   For $5, you can have a sandwich, chips, fresh items from Meg's garden and a drink.   All profits will go toward helping with the site fee.   The Snack Shop is open to whomever is on site and is not exclusive to this event.


In order to gain information on the location of the Skull of Necromancy, The Nightmares under control of Darkmoon have captured Rekees of Chimeron.   It is believed that she has been brought to the Ashenfields to be "questioned" by the Sluagh.

There is a way known to the gods to enter the Ashenfields by non traditional means, meaning you don't have to be dead to enter.   It is called The Path of the Veil.  But it is not easy and the magics to sustain the pathway are difficult even for the gods.   The Herald that was at Feast of Chimeron will be helping you get there.  They are gathering in a Tavern in Chimeron, close to where the Path can be discovered.   It will be up to you to get out.   

Make no mistake:  this is a mission that will need significant stealth and cunning, as well as skill in battle and prowess with magics.   If they find you, the Alarms of the Ashenfields will bring the entire army to bear upon you. and all defenses that realm has to offer.

Be warned:   The Ashenfields is a special entity within the Deep Fae, designed to help the Unrecoverable Dead pass on to their next journey.  It is not designed for the living and so magic runs very differently.   The Path once powered will allow your Mortal Magic for as long as the Path remains open.   But if the Path falls or you linger too long, you will be trapped, body and soul beyond the reach of all but the highest of powers.
Event Wrap-up
We want to extend a thank you to the PCs who joined us on an extremely wet evening and continued to engage with us despite the downpour. Please take the time to review on Realmsnet or otherwise give us your feedback IN private PM. We do use it to improve the experience. All Perks that were not used are considered In House items and may be usable for future Strangers War events.

Thank you to Katrina for allowing us to hijack her character and do shenanigans.

A very special thanks to Danielle Guimont for doing the fantastic make up on Rekees and then coming to NPC for us.

We of course would not have been able to give you this experience without the work of our other tireless NPCs: Douglass Gibbs, Madison Neal, Sean Veale, Ethan Goldman, Dave Hayden, Eric Willisson, and Janna Oakfellow-Pushee. You all added an element of acting to the fighting that brought the experience to the next level.

Thank you Meg for running Kyomi's snack shop before and after the quest to feed both our PCs and NPCs. Thank you for your NPC work in between, and the touches you added to the various props.

Thank you to Josh Fitzgerald for your amazing special effects and monster designs.

Thank you to Maryanne English-Betie for your prop and costume designs.

Thank you to the numbers of individuals and groups that continue to support our events as designers and as players. We are humbled by your enthusiasm: thank you all for all you do.


The Strangers War Staff:

Steven Matulewicz, Melissa Metzger, Aaron Metzger, Christopher Donnelly, Devon Power, and Crystal Welch
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