Nedengiving 4 Raising Cans with a Can do attitude

December 08, 2019

Site was American Legion Haverhill, MA - Haverhill, MA.

Event Holder was Callahan Marsden.

Feastocrat was Emilio Jimenez.

Event Description
It is that time of year again when we reflect on all the great things we have done this last season. It is also a chance to be heroes to many who have very little.

Join your local Neden boys for the annual Can drive for a local Veterans.

It has been another crackerjack year for the boy-o's and we are so happy to share 
in our bounty. Join us once again as we break bread 
with Naj's famous cooking Turkey, Ham, Potatoes, Greens, Stuffing, 
Appropriately Plated Cranberry Sauce and much much more.

The Nedsonian Museum is back with glorious treasures... 
Come to take a gander at the ever-increasing O'Leary lineage, see what marvels we found underneath his bed and couch cushions, make a bid on an item of power you desire. 

The Neden Carnival will be in full swing with more attractions and attendants to 
help get you the tickets you all clamor for.

Of course, we will have the New Eden Casino for you to spend and earn money, there is even a "Stacked Deck" tournament. (Should we meet the requirements) 
Plus the New Eden Emporium shops will be set up for you to spend every cent you earn.

There will be tourneys for your entertainment, plus Bardics and the 
return of Dresdens what I am thankful for competition.

We will have two different Ticket colors for Auction Items.
One from competing in games and tourneys one for Donating Cans for Charity.
So come on down and support your local Neden Crew.

Lord Sir Syruss O'Leary
Event Wrap-up
Dear Realms Family,

I write this wrap up with a huge smile and maybe even fighting back a tear or two if I am being honest. You would too if you saw the looks on the faces of the volunteers(vets themselves) at the food pantry when we unloaded two karts with over 600 cans of donations. We as a community helped a lot of others eat this holiday season something I am truly humbled by and proud of.

This event is not possible without each and every person who showed up on Sunday from patron to staff.

To my staff that made this all possible thank you. 

  To my Nation for supporting me and this crazy endeavor each year, Thank you. You guys all stepped up this year huge by making dishes, making prizes, cleaning gear, buying items as well as having me bother you constantly to make sure we were all on task; to which you very much were. You make me a proud Lord of a Nation of individuals who always seem to come together when it counts. 

 To Emilio, Drew and their entire kitchen staff( Jacquelyn, Kelsey, Michael, David, Dan, and Lani as well as everyone who brought a dish themselves) THANK YOU. The food was simply amazing start to finish. Emilio thank you for planning the menu and making sure everything was up to our standard once again.  

  To my servers Jordan, Patrick, Ed, Dani as well as everyone else who stepped up to run trays of food and dishes THANK YOU. This team of servers stepped it up in a big way to provide our first year of taking specific food orders, so again thank you for helping us grow as an event. 

To Anthon, Ethan and Nick THANK YOU so much for helping me come up with (in my opinion) some truly amazing prizes this year for those who donated as well as those who competed in carnival games, goose challenges, and other silly activities.

 To two special individuals whom without I personally could not have done this endeavor THANK YOU. Andrew and Siff you support every one of my ideas whether financially, emotionally, by providing workspace in your homes and an ear to chew when I think I am in over my head. Thank you guy for being there at every turn.

 Lastly again to the players that brought in cans, made cash donations and made this whole event possible, THANK YOU. I have often said the true strength of our LARP is its community. We are a force to be reckoned with when we pull together for a good cause and this one-day event shows clear evidence of that. Every year we continue to raise more cans for this food pantry and they notice. They notice with their amazing smiles, with tears in the eyes, with countless thank yous and handshakes. All of which I wish I could give to you for it is you who deserve them, you who made all of this possible. So once again on behalf of Neden Thank You for being the heroes I know you all to be.

Love and Respect
Cal/Lord Syruss O'Leary
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