Tournaments of Artemis Ladies Still Goin' In

December 07, 2019

Site was UCONN - Hicks Arena - Storrs, CT.

Event Holder was Nataliya Kostenko.

Event Description
The Huntress Guild presents the eighth annual Tournaments of Artemis!

These will be small team tournaments and competitions, with Huntresses signing up as generals. The plan is to give our Huntresses as many opportunities as possible to lead their team and also fight 1-v-1, so come prepared to have your endurance as well as your wits tested.

There is no cap on how many teams can run, but each Huntress is allowed to bring up to 3 supporters with her on her team. She may bring fewer, however. Participants who arrive without a team or Huntress to support but want to play will be placed on teams regardless of cap at the start of the event. A Huntress may choose to support another Huntress instead of signing up to be a general. A Huntress may also choose to come with as few as one or no supporters. For the sake of encouraging combat, education, and trying new things, Huntresses (both generals and supporters) can choose to play a fighter for this one event. However, this is not required. 

Please come out, spectate, and support our Huntresses and women in combat in the Realms at large, even if you don't have a team!

We will have an archery range, food, and games for both competitors and non-competitors to partake of.

If you are a Huntress who plans to be a General and run a team, please register for the event and send your roster to Huntress Guild First Lieutenant Shader by Monday, December 2nd. 

Looking forward to seeing all my ladies on the tourney field!
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