Feast of Creathorne 2020

February 15, 2020

Site was Camp Carpenter - Manchester, NH.

Event Holder was Andrew V. Disbrow.

Event Description
Event starts at : 11am
Event ends at 8:45pm
Site opens at 10:30am for staff 11am for everyone else and closes at 9:30pm.

Cost: $30 after Feb10 and at the door will be $35

Eventholder: Andrew Disbrow

Creathorne for a day of feasting and tavern festivities. We will be having tavern games, gambling and perhaps some bardics and storytelling to boot.

We are also hoping to provide some of our traditional wild game stews and foods but all courses will be buffet style CREATHORNE DOES NOT PROVIDE SERVANTS! IF YOU WANT ONE BRING ONE( But we will have Servers at the serving table again this year). IF you want some one to go get your food for you bring your own servants..

Menue sofar: stews, soups, Turkey,ham, beef, Venison, Bear, chicken, pasta, rice, potatoes.

Light Inside fighting tournaments.

We will be holding a Golden Raffle: 1 gold coin of the realms buys you a ticket. You put that ticket in the envelope of what item you want and hope you win.. you can buy as many tickets as you have gold coins of the realms (no substitutions). Some items are from Eeldritch Armories, event entries, Vandoria Vestments certificates and much more...

The Creathorne Casino will be open for your pleasure a currency conversion chart There will be lots of Other games too (we are going to have many there will be table games there to play and conbat tournaments also..

1 Gamblers Guild Stacked Deck sanctioned Tournament 50 gold buy in, using 202 stacked deck rules. "remember it is about players having fun".

(paid reg is the only pre-reg) We are
not charging for young kids under 10 but we still need to know they are coming... 10-16 1/2 price 16+ full price.


Kitchen: Launi, the Hopkins & Mardens.

combat marshals Staff:
Bardic judges:

Rhiassa Cub Care: Kids Quests and stuff every hour/ on the hour after 1pm.

Buffet table: kitchen and Creathorne members

dish room staff : Alan Skumautz,Michael Leplant,

Casino Staff: Sean Finn,

fighting tournament marshals: 

confirmed shops:
Vandoria's Vestments,

pre regges paid.

 Rebecca Garbos
 Jenn Cloutier
 Ken Crowley
 Kate Haslam
 Robyn McIntosh
 Steven Matulewicz
 Megan Matulewicz
 Tristan Matulewicz
 James Murphy
 Emily Murphy
 Eli Spicer
 Christopher Gallo
 Lynna Gallo
 Sawyer Judkins(cert)
 Jason Rosa
 Robert Ferullo
 Casey Lemay
 Stephen Hinkle
 Alan Skumautz
 Michael Leplant
 Brandon Nitsche *
 John Rescigno
 Nate Menard
 jacob Desilets
 Rachel Pontbriand
 Thomas Keaney
 Elyse Covello
 Jennifer Gallagher 
 Ryan Welch
 Crystal Welch
 Mackenzie Garbo
 David Rubenstein
 Alexandra Reynolds
 Travis Wilcox
 Sarah Babineau
 David Hayden
 Neil Kusleika
 Nataliya Kostenko
 2 Kusleika children
 Matthew Brenner
 2 Brenner children
 Katrina Hull
Event Wrap-up
I wanted to send out a huge Thank you to everyone the staffed and cooked so many names and many I will 100% forget or not mention but I really appreciate everyone that helped with the event, the set up and the take down.Becky Garbos for running the reg all day long. Leilani Elaine, Robert Hopkins, Cathy Hopkins, Cal O'leary who were instrumental in getting everyone fed on time.. An old realms blast from the past one of those white coast Sea Elf guys helped setup all the cheese platters John C Wellman.. A shout out to Janna Oakfellow-Pushee who supersized me with a very tasty cheese gift that I shared with site i did get some of it super nice cheese..And Sabrina Dixon for doing that emergency food run to get the stuff i forgot to pickup..

Liam Moore for running the quest and all the npc's that stayed out in the cold lots of you but wanted to mention Bradford Roby, Nathan Roby Chris Gallo and Bobby Ferullo. Elyse Donnelly for as a player explaining to new players how  magics that were effecting them, that were on their first Realms quest worked. Stuff like seed and healing etc...  New Players are excited to come play again..

The Rhiassa Cub care program run by Jennifer Johnson Gallagher huge success and lots of activities for the kids.

The turn out was smaller than other years but day after Valentines day we kind of planned on that still made a huge amount of food, multiple cheese grill cheeses, soups, stews, wild game stuff, lots of different meat choices, crazy amounts of mashed potatoes pastas and mac and cheese.. You guys did not eat enough... We sent huge amounts home with people and still left lots for the Camp Ranger in the fridge.

The Casino :Staycee Rescigno and Matt Butler for keeping the casino running all day and Stephen Hinkle for dealing the stacked deck tournament...

A thanks to all the groups and shops That donated to the golden ticket raffle The Grand prize being donated by The Mercenary Market ..

A shout out to Chimeron for being the largest Nation in attendance on site, Along with everyone else that was there , blackwood, eagles rook, northern alliance, stonewood, neden, rhiassa, folkestne, veranis, galdring and even ashenmark / invictus.

Shutdown and cleanup is huge, lots of people helped Mackenzie Garbos, Alan Skumautz, Michelle LaPlant but Lastly Stephen Anthony and Tom Keaney for staying to the end and helping with all the cleanup and evenhelping the switches to turn off the last lights in the kitchen and the last trash in the dumpster..

Hope to see everyone in 2021

Andrew Disbrow
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