Mountain View- 2 What Lies Within?

January 25, 2020

Site is UCONN - Hicks Arena - Storrs, CT (View Map).
Site opens at 9:30 AM and closes at 11:00 PM

Event starts at 10:00 AM, on Saturday January 25, 2020.
Event ends at 10:00 PM, on Saturday January 25, 2020.

Cost is 15 Dollars Pre Reg 20 Dollars at door See Notes*.
Cost via Paypal is $15.00 per person.
Pre-registration is suggested (Register for Event).

Event Holders
Danielle Guimont (Unofficial)
Joshua Whelan (Unofficial)
Other Contact
Rosemary Campbell
Event Description
Two years ago many adventurers came to the city of Dahm to try and root out the Guild from a hidden fort they had under the city. The day you all arrived the city fell to an invasion from somewhere unknown from an enemy we did not know. At the end of the day the heroes of the Realms stood as victorious as we could have hoped and we thank you for that.
After the city was defended, Lako, Redd, and myself were able to construct a barrier over something within the mountain where we assume the invasion was coming from. That barrier has started to show weak spots and all our research into it has shown there is something much larger than we ever thought emanating from this source.
At this time, almost 2 years from the day we asked you into Gau Dring before, we ask you to return and venture forth into this cave system and investigate what is down there. We believe you should find the remnants of the Guilds hideout and much more. Please come prepared to do some spelunking, investigating and maybe exploring some old history of the lands.
In words from the Council,
Kyara Silver-Fang
Kailex Enlon
Rules Changes and Notes
The below are some things you may run into there will be more announced and explained at event. We are doing our best to make it all stream lined and understandable.
Special Calls/Mechanics
Stomp: If an NPC calls "Stomp",€ it is a 5 foot knockback effect that affects everything within 5 feet of the NPC.
Throw: If an NPC strikes you with a call of "throw"€, you are knocked back 5 feet.
Burning a body: By holding a source of in-game (not real) fire to a corpse for 15 seconds, you can burn a body.  This will have the same effect as destroying the body with 200 blows.  This cannot be done to a PC.

To Use a ballista you must have 2 PCs manning it, One will be to fire the Ballista the other will go OOC, this second person will follow where the bomb lands and on picking up the prop declare "5 Foot Final Strike"€. If you are struck with a bomb it will detonate and you will call "5" Final Strike” If the person operating it is able to catch the prop they will declare "10 foot final strike"€. 

A Bomb may not be picked up except by the person that is OOC. A bomb may not be struck out of the air or moved by anyone other than the two people operating the Ballista. 

If the person operating the Ballista is killed, the individual that is OOC will return to the ballista and be alive. If there are sashes at the ballista please put them on if you are operating it.

Locked- Some things may be locked, you must either have an on hand lock picking kit, or have a phys rep of lock picks that are available at the event.

Abilities for the event:
Fighters: Fighters May choose one ability to use for the Duration of the Event. This ability must be chosen at Event Registration.
1. Feat of Strength- You count as two people when carrying a boulder. This may only affect one boulder at a time You may do this to ten boulders in a row before you must wait ten minutes before using it again. If not using this ability you may still lift boulders normally. This does not let you throw Boulders.

This may also allow you to perform great feats of strength while not in combat.
2. Combat Sense- May inspect a dead NPC that they helped kill to gain insight into weaknesses killing it. May declare fighter sense while fighting an NPC to a MM or EH to gain insight into how to kill a specific NPC
3. Pick Lock- May spend 30 consecutive seconds on a Lock that is Labeled as Pickable to remove the Lock. Both Hands have to be on the Lock that is being pick, The person May not walk or move around while they are Lock Picking.
4. Torch- Allows a Fighter to register in a “Torch and Flint” 18“ Weapon that may be used for Various Tasks at the Event. As well as allow a Fighter to carry their own Light prop- Follows all Rules for Spell “Light”
5. Knightly Gauntlets- Allows a Fighter To register in their Knightly Gauntlets- Email EH with Questions
6. Nimble Fingers- You may full search a body in 60 seconds, as per the Searching rules in the Omnibus
7. Giant's Strength- Uses: 3 If a fighter is using a two handed Weapon and they lose an Arm they may activate this ability by saying “Giant's Strength”. They may now use the Arm that was Lost to swing their Weapon, The arm still doesn’t not count as being there and if it struck the blow will automatically hit their Chest. They may not perform other Actions with this Ability other than using a Two handed Weapon. May not purposefully block shots with the Arm Gained back this way. May only use this ability if the Fighter is only missing one arm. If the Arm is healed while this ability is active Declare “Arm is healed” and Fight as normal.

We will be using Theatrical Fighting with some of our NPC's the people who will be doing this will be trusted NPC's who have done it before or have been trained, if there are any questions please let me or another EH/ Marhsal know.
Other Notes
Pre Reg will gain Perks for both Fighters and Spell Casters, more to come. 
A gold donation of 30 gold will bring 5$ off entry.
Fighter abilities are listed above

Please Email the EH if you have Regionals.

ANY PRE REG AFTER 1/30/20 MUST BE A PAID PRE REG-  This is because I was slow in updating this event.
Mountain View 2 Redo
UCONN - Hicks Arena
Storrs, CT
GPS Location: 3636 Horsebarn Hill Rd Ext, Storrs CT
(This will take you to the Dairy Bar, which is across the street from
the Arena)

Map on the UCONN map site:

From Central and Western MA and all Points North: 
Find your best way to Rt: 84 in Connecticut.
Get off 84 at exit 68 (rt 195).
Turn left onto 195 South into Storrs.
195 takes you through the UCONN campus.

From Eastern MA and RI:
Find your best way to Rt: 395 in CT.
Get off 395 at exit 97 (rt 44).
Take 44 West to the intersection with 195 in Storrs.
Take a left onto 195 South.
195 takes you through the UCONN campus.

Once on 195 and you see you are approaching campus (you will note 
the blue signs), look for Horsebarn Hill on the left. Do not turn 
left here. Go past this road, and then past the next three entrances 
on the left (all driveways). 

When you see a small blue and white sign labeled "Dairy Bar 
Entrance" take that left down the driveway. If you see North 
Eagleville Rd on your right then you have gone too far.

Take your first right off of that driveway and you will be at the 
lot for the arena. At the end of that next short driveway, taking a 
right will bring you to the arena (and very limited parking), and
taking a left will bring you to overflow parking. 

There is a map of these turns on campus at: