Mountain View- 2 What Lies Within?

January 25, 2020

Site was UCONN - Hicks Arena - Storrs, CT.


Event Description
Two years ago many adventurers came to the city of Dahm to try and root out the Guild from a hidden fort they had under the city. The day you all arrived the city fell to an invasion from somewhere unknown from an enemy we did not know. At the end of the day the heroes of the Realms stood as victorious as we could have hoped and we thank you for that.
After the city was defended, Lako, Redd, and myself were able to construct a barrier over something within the mountain where we assume the invasion was coming from. That barrier has started to show weak spots and all our research into it has shown there is something much larger than we ever thought emanating from this source.
At this time, almost 2 years from the day we asked you into Gau Dring before, we ask you to return and venture forth into this cave system and investigate what is down there. We believe you should find the remnants of the Guilds hideout and much more. Please come prepared to do some spelunking, investigating and maybe exploring some old history of the lands.
In words from the Council,
Kyara Silver-Fang
Kailex Enlon
Event Wrap-up
Hey Realms.

It is disheartening for me but not the end I will have to cancel my event Mountain View that was scheduled 1/25.

I appreciate all the support and I apologize for the double push back now but I will not deliver an event I don't feel is ready. Have the extra time to review things gave me new ideas and also pointed out plot holes and problems i didn't see before.

I will get this plot running, I will get this event run and I will make sure people have a good time.

If you already paid pre regged I will be reimbursing you if you do not see the money please please contact me and i'll fix it.

Any questions please let me know.

MV Plot staff.
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