A Questing We Will Gi Lovingly run by Rua Thar Cinn(TM)

August 22, 2020 (An unofficial virtual Realms Event)

Event starts at 11:00 AM, on Saturday August 22, 2020.
Event ends at 05:00 PM, on Saturday August 22, 2020.

Cost is TBD.
Pre-registration is suggested (Register for Event).

Event Holders
Patrick Bobell (Unofficial)
Rhiannon Chiacchiaro (Unofficial)
Aaron Metzger (Unofficial)
Ian Pushee (Unofficial)
Rose Whittle (Unofficial)
Eric Willisson (Unofficial)
Event Description

This event will be held virtually in a custom-built Minecraft server, similar to the RealmsCraft Questing events. It will be fully in character. As those who've attended the RealmsCraft Questing events know, this format allows for exciting opportunities to balance the loss of face-to-face interaction.

Unlike the RealmsCraft Questing events:
– This will be a single quest spanning several hours.
– This quest will not be repeated.
– We are setting a cap of 25 players.
– This quest and the consequences thereof will be canon in the Risen Kingdom storyline.

IC details will be provided closer to the event date.

Rules Changes and Notes

As usual, our Story Shard system will be in play at this event. We're considering a version of the Trappings of Civilization, adapted for Minecraft. Your character will likely experience one or more effects comparable to those in our standard list of combat calls. As per normal Realms rules, characters may receive one or more ticks during this quest.

We will be making use of the RealmsCraft character build system. It is a slightly simplified version of the Realms Rules applied through customizations to Minecraft's gameplay mechanics. Players will have the opportunity to experiment with how spells and equipment work prior to the quest. This announcement will be updated once the server is open for players to log in and try things out.

Player and NPC action in this quest will affect future in-person and/or virtual events we run.

If we have a waiting list, we'll consider allowing extra players to join day-of depending on server performance.

Other Notes

While content will be ongoing for the full duration of the event, we will be encouraging our players to take short breaks every 60-90 minutes to stretch their legs, get some water, etc. Hydration is important at virtual quests, too!

Feel free to message Pat Bobell with any questions prior to the event, and staff will be able to answer questions day-of.