A Questing We Will Gi A Virtual Minecraft Quest

August 29, 2020 (An unofficial virtual Realms Event)

Event Description
#### IC:
Greetings, adventurers!

Many of you are familiar with the formerly-invading-the-Realms civilization known as the Risen Kingdom. Last November, an enterprising group of you journeyed through their subterranean portal to investigate the world from which they attacked. Judging by the stories I heard and Militia reports, their natural resources seem depleted, their wildlife ferocious and strangely numerous, their civilians downtrodden, their military...elsewhere. That being the case, we'd like to try and gather more information about their world and what happened there to prompt their attack on the Realms.

We've found pieces of the Risen Kingdom's history through Dreams, magic, and interrogation, but lack the full picture. Do we provide aid to a wayward people? Should we cleanse a tide of interplanar corruption? A more coherent understanding of the situation would better inform our actions going forward.

With this in mind, Chimeron is organizing a second expedition through the portal for August 29th, 1020. If you are interested in coming along, please meet at the Militia encampment before noon. Should you have any questions in advance, you may address them to me.

Sir Saka Keeneye, Warlord of Chimeron


#### OOC:
To play, you must pre-register by filling out this quick form:

This event will be held virtually in a custom-built Minecraft server, using the Java Edition of the game. If you don't own the game, the RealmsCraft team has 3 loaner accounts available.

Similar to the RealmsCraft Questing events, it will be fully in character. As those who've attended the RealmsCraft Questing events know, this format allows for immersive world-building and mechanical opportunities to balance the loss of face-to-face interaction.

Unlike the RealmsCraft Questing events:
* This will be a single quest spanning between 3 and 6 hours.
* This quest will not be repeated.
* We are setting a cap of 25 players.
* This quest and the consequences thereof will be canon in the Risen Kingdom storyline.

Pre-reg List:
1. Ryan W. (Orion)
2. Tyler C. (Thoril)
3. Patrick M. (Quill)
4. Pi F. (Kwido, probably)
5. Beth T. (Freesia)
6. Emily M. (Kara)
7. Matt B. (Cecil)
8. Ethan K. (Alias)
9. Charlie P. (Anton)
10. Janna P. (Iawen)
11. Owen W. (Balthazar)

12 - 25 Available
Event Wrap-up
Good afternoon, everyone!
Folks who played at the virtual event this past Saturday made impressive progress uncovering a new portion of Gi, and several have even continued excavation since then! We'd like to thank everyone who participated for making it a great event. We'd like to particularly thank Ryan Keller for consulting on the various customizations to Minecraft that make everything more Realms-like, testing some of the puzzles, and adding some much-needed detail to the Realms side of the void portal!

For those who played, if you are willing to share feedback about your experience, please do so using this Google Form:

There's a good chance we'll open up the server on a regular basis for 2-3 hours at a time for those who would like to participate in the ongoing excavation expedition in Gi. If you're interested, please use this when2meet so we can try to pick times that work best for everyone:

-Risen Kingdom Staff
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