Rhiassa Presents: Queen of Hearts XXVII

August 21 - August 22, 2021

Site is Swift River Sportsmen - Belchertown, MA (View Map).
Site opens at 10:00 am Saturday and closes at 7:00 pm Sunday

Event starts at 11:00 AM, on Saturday August 21, 2021.
Event ends at 06:00 PM, on Sunday August 22, 2021.

Cost is $30. Admission for kids under 15 is $15 and kids under 10 are admitted for free..
Cost via Paypal is $30.00 per person.
Pre-registration is suggested (Register for Event).

Event Holders
Jennifer DeNardis-Rosa
Jason T Rosa
Other Contacts
Lani Jones (Head Marshal)
Alexander Groom
Ben Hamilton
Event Description

All detailed rules for this event can be found on the Rhiassa web site at: http://rhiassa.com/queenofhearts/qhinfo.htm

Come join us for the annual Queen of Hearts Tournaments and War Maneuvers. This is the 27th Queen of Hearts and we're excited to continue working together with the community to make this event the best it can be. We're excited about the changes we've made to the formula we've been perfecting for the last couple years and are confident in the weekend of tournaments that we are putting together.
To compete in tournaments you must be supporting someone who is running for the honorific title of "Queen of Hearts".

You can come to the event not supporting anyone and then offer your services to someone on Saturday morning if you want to. Individual tournaments are run with one entry from each team. If you want to do individual tournies, you would do well to contact a team or set up your own.

Rhiassan Cub Care will be on site all weekend to entertain the younger members of our community.

If you are running a team you must inform the EHs. There is a 6 team cap. First come, first served. Only a paid pre-reg of your Queen and three True Supporters saves you a spot. Please send the check to the Rocky Hill address above and send an email with the list of True Supporters' IC and OOC names, or use the Paypal link on RealmsNET.

Please review the full list of tourneys if you are assembling a team. There have been changes, including specifications for the entries for some non-coms.

Rules Changes and Notes

The crafting categories for this year:
– Single short mace.

– Bracers and greaves matching set.

– Priest/priestess vestments.

– Realistic looking round shield at least 2’ in diameter.

– Magic ritual set to music.

Presentations during court are allowed, but presentations are to be limited to 90 seconds. This gives players a minute an a half to present the projects. After 90 seconds, they will be pulled from the stage, no matter what. A 10 second warning will be given. Performance is limited to about five minutes. Along with the court presentations, teams are encouraged to submit a write up on non-com entries. Doing so will allow the judges a greater insight into your projects if you are on the field or otherwise not able. The write up should contain information for the judges such as a few paragraphs of IC information, construction information, hours invested, and any techniques or features the creator is especially proud of.

Please direct all questions about non-com competitions to Jen DeNardis-Rosa at areni.daru@gmail.com

Other Notes

This is a dry and drug free event site.

Swift River Sportsmen
79 Moore Road
Belchertown, MA

For GPS and Internet Map Users:

The Address is: 79 Moore Road Belchertown, Massachusetts.

Map coordinates are: 42˚ 14' 23" N, 72˚ 20' 43" W

Old Fashioned Directions

Find your way to the intersection of Rte. 202 and Rte 9 in
Belchertown, Massachusetts.

Take 202 South into downtown Belchertown.

Go straight through the set of lights; you'll find yourself on Rte 181.

Follow 181 until you turn onto Cold Springs Road on the left
(immediately after a pink sign on the left that reads "Angle Cuts Etc.")

Follow Cold Springs Road, bearing left at the fork that is the
intersection with Michael Sears Road, until you find the entrance to
the Swift River Sportsmen's Club, which will be on the right.

Drive all the way down to the end of the road to the dirt parking lot.