Tournaments of the Blue Rose 1020 Welcome to the Shadowlands (under new management)

June 26 - June 28, 2020

Site was Creathorne Farm - Grafton, NH.

Event Description
Friday: Stacked Deck tournament
Saturday: tournaments and plot and BBQ
Sunday: awards and IC auction

In honor of the new church of Shadow grand opening within the Shadowlands, Queen Karmha is honored to host The Tournaments of the Blue Rose a competition for the title of Blademaster and the power that come with it! Yes i said power so why wouldn't the church celebrate such an occasion!  Come explore the lands and see its treasures.  Karmha Creations Shop has worked hard to rebuild these lands after the war see how much the lands and it's people are thriving under the new management.  And participate in the tournaments held by the Blue Rose knights and Squires.

ooc: trying a new way to distribute gold through participation both in tournaments and plot.  Ic auction will be held on sunday similar to the neden carnival auctions but you get tickets through a new means.

More info to come.
Event Wrap-up
Due to covid 19 moving to next year.
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