Black & White 2020

October 24, 2020 (An unofficial virtual Realms Event)

Event Description
Black and White is around the corner! The nights are getting cooler and the leaves are finding their autumn colors. Though we can't celebrate the thinning of The Veil in person, Chimeron is excited to bring you as full a virtual event as we can.

Dig out your mask and garb, hook up your webcam if you've got one, and join us for a full day of  socializing, contests, classic Black & White recipes, a mini-quest and tournaments in Minecraft, content and NPCs from ongoing plots, the Black Ticket Auction, Chimeron Court via Zoom (open to others' business before the Realms, as usual), spaces for storytelling and plot discussion, and of course, digital dancing! There may even be a way to find a special snowy mailbox, should you wish to send a letter. We'll also be providing OOC areas for folks who'd like to catch up with one another out-of-game.

For more information, and for updates throughout the event, visit the website:

Register to attend at [](
Event Wrap-up
Another Black & White Masquerade Ball has come and gone. This was Chimeron's first foray into running a virtual event, and we hope everyone who was able to join us had a great time! We've missed getting to spend time with folks these past several months, and you helped make Saturday's virtual event feel almost like a regular Black & White.

If you took part in any of Saturday's activities, we appreciate you hanging out with us for the day and trying out novel uses of technology along the way. Please take a couple of minutes to let us know what you thought! You can find our PEL form at

This year's event had virtual dancing lessons, a live cooking show, several quests in a variety of different mediums, blackjack and a poker tourney, puzzles for new players, digital table games, lots of plot discussion, a huge pile of fancy prizes in the Black Ticket Auction, team combat tourneys across the entire Minecraft build of the traditional Black & White site, various ways to send letters to Pater Yule, Royal Court, the ball proper, a thinly-veiled excuse to play Among Us, and more! The list of folks in and outside of Chimeron who helped make this possible is extensive. We are immensely grateful to each and every one of you for all that you contributed to Black & White's success.

4 Quick notes, in closing:
1. If you'd like to send a letter to Pater Yule and weren't able to during Black & White, you can still do so in a couple of ways through the rest of October. Contact Pat Bobell if you're interested.
2. If you won a prize in the Black Ticket Auction and are not contacted before Friday to arrange for you to receive said prize, please contact Sean Veale.
3. Chimeron introduced our Code of Conduct Plus (abbreviated CoC+) with this event. Thanks to all attendees for reading it through and asking thoughtful questions before agreeing to it. We will be holding our events, ourselves, and our players to these standards going forward and would welcome any interested event teams in adopting the CoC+ as well. You can find the CoC+ at, and should direct questions or comments to Katrina Hull, Eric Willisson, or Matt Brenner.
4. If you'd like your character to stay active between now and the next Chim or RTC event, you can! Feel free to submit a Story Shard through, and you can contact Mikey Donnelly or Eric Willisson with any questions.
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