RealmsCraft Questing 2 A Pond of Ice and Faerie

August 01, 2020 (An unofficial virtual Realms Event)

Event Description
Questing Parties (updated 7/24 @ 9:32pm ET):
Noon: Kovaks, Mayumi, Katsuie, Anton, Alias, Björn, Thoril
2pm: Rekees, Rosetta, Janus, Arryn, Bogen, Iawen
4pm: Toah, Vee, Viktor, Kwido/Alpacasaurus/Rox, Larry Saurus
6pm: Loken, Skade, CC, Gordon, Rowan, Grindin


Hello, fellow adventurers! Many of you had fun handling the pockets of undead under Chimeron a few weeks back, so I thought I'd offer the opportunity to assist with a new phenomenon that's popped up around the Kingdom. For some reason, various ponds and lakes around the countryside have frozen over in the middle of Summer. The Militia is digging access tunnels to investigate as I write, and should be finished by the end of this month. (Never dig straight down!)

If spelunking in a mysteriously frozen lake sounds like a lovely Saturday afternoon to you, then please feel free to organize or join an expedition party!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly. Captain Orion should also be capable of addressing any concerns or questions you may have.

Sir Saka Keeneye
Warlord of Chimeron


This is a free, virtual, unofficial Realms event using the Java version of Minecraft, and Discord for voice chat. We've built a small IC Realms quest for 4-6 players at a time, and we've also designed classes of custom PC and NPC abilities to bring Minecraft gameplay a little closer to the Realms' system. This quest should take a little over an hour to complete, but that is likely to vary with your party's size and experience with playing Minecraft. You'll have a maximum of two hours, beginning at your designated start time. You'll have the opportunity to log onto the server in advance to test out controls, try the custom Realms player abilities, fight some basic monsters (or each other) in the practice arena, and run through the tutorial we've set up for folks who are new to Minecraft.

Everyone who wants to play needs to fill out this short form so we can get you set up on our Discord and Minecraft servers:

We have 3 loaner accounts for folks who don't have a copy of the game yet! While there is no event fee, you will need to use a computer with a decent internet connection to play. If there is sufficient interest, we can consider scheduling more questing parties to play on a later date.
Event Wrap-up
On behalf of the RealmsCraft Questing 2 staff, thank you to our 24 players and 3 test players for making this past weekend's virtual Realms event a smashing success! Across 8 hours of virtual fighting, roleplaying, puzzle solving, and fish-saving you managed to successfully thaw a handful of unseasonably-frozen ponds in Chimeron.

As with the first quest, the 4 of us who built and marshaled the quest had a ton of fun seeing how each group worked together to overcome the various obstacles in your path! Any feedback you're willing to share will help us make future quests even better:

For our fellow Realmsies who didn't get to go on the quest, more virtual Realms events will be happening in Minecraft over the coming months. While you wait for those announcements, you can ask your friends what they thought of the quests so far, and catch the What You Missed soon in the View from Valehaven!
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