A Very Merry Virtu-Yule at Cecil's Uncle's Crazy Tavern 3

December 12, 2020 (An unofficial virtual Realms Event)

Event Description
### Party like there is no tomorrow!
Is your quaran-time dragging on? Are you stuck with the wrong kind of Corona? Do you miss having inappropriately large amounts of inappropriate fun with your Realms friends? Do we ever have good news for you!

This year Cecil’s Uncle’s Crazy Tavern is going virtual! We cannot party in person, but that does not mean we cannot party together. We will get together in Discord and Zoom, and it will be great.

### Event schedule 

### Celebrate with an Event-In-A-Box!
While the stars have conspired to prevent us from celebrating in person, our yule team is doing their best to send a little bit of firelit tavern to your homes! What will be in this specially delivered parcel of festivity, you ask? A compilation of our greatest hits! Sans flam, perhaps a treat from your favorite Yule tree, festive activities to do along with other folks at home, maybe a bit of festive Yuletide decorations? If you wrote a letter to Pater Yule or are participating in the Gift Swap, your gifts will be delivered alongside your Event-In-A-Box!

### Get a virtual visit from Pater Yule!
The Yule season would not be complete without a visit from Father Yule! Even if his visit needs to be virtual this year, he will still find a way to deliver gifts to all those who have made requests. As usual, he will be dropping by twice during the festivities; early for the children and later for the adults. Don't forget, though, the only guaranteed way to be on his Nice List is a paid pre-registration before December 1st!

### Swap gifts!
Per tradition, the annual in-character gift swap to bring yuletide joy to your friends will be happening! Please contact Twen before November 20th if you are interested. (Send an email to kelly@bonci.net)

### Drink like you are at the bar!
This year most of us cannot drink together. However, if we have learned anything from 1020 it is that we can drink together . . . apart. So, while it may feel like you are drinking alone, in reality . . . well, you are. But so are your friends!

Sit back, enjoy a cocktail or mocktail and toast away your cares!
Event Wrap-up
It’s another year come and gone, and this one was truly unique. Virtual events are a bit of a strange beast, but I see that every iteration improves on what we have done before. We might not have been in the same room, but for one night we still got to be together.

We tried to stuff as much of the usual Uncle Cecil’s merriment into our virtual event as possible. We still had huge group activities, people surprised they were drunk at 7 p.m., holiday decorations, intimate chats, presents, (virtual) snowball fights, caroling, spontaneous inside jokes, and all of the general shenanigans people have come to expect. I know that I have not seen so many faces since the start of quarantine, and it was a really good feeling to smile and laugh as part of a group.

We tried something new with the event, and we provided a paid Event-in-a-Box for those who wanted one. Our goal was to create shared real-world experiences to break through our isolation. Each box was packed with Uncle Cecil’s paraphernalia - ingredients for a cocktail/mocktail for First Toast, decorations, cookies for the tree (and your mouth), a custom ornament to commemorate the celebration, Christmas crackers, some applesauce direct from Cecil’s kitchen, custom-made UCCT coloring pages, puzzles, carols, spiked hot cocoa, and as many little bits of love as we could think to throw together. The boxes were delivered by members of staff, along with Pater Yule presents and gift swap gifts.

But in the end, UCCT is about the people. This year was small by UCCT standards - 68 by my count - but that’s pretty huge for a virtual event! It was a real joy to see so many people hopping on video chat and enjoying each other’s company.

As with any year at UCCT, there are people beyond the core event staff to call out for thanks. This event could not happen without the help of these people and more:
* Jason Gray for designing, making, and donating his time and materials for the UCCT ornaments included in everyone's Event-In-A-Boxes
* Ryan Welch for his last-minute help with marshaling and setup of the Minecraft content
* Patrick Morgan for helping get everyone logged onto the Minecraft server
* Tyler Chase for perennially going above and beyond with our charity auction and gift swap
* All of our friends who donated Event-in-a-Boxes to those who needed some holiday cheer

I want to also give a special shout-out to the core UCCT staff who took a big leap of faith with me this year. It’s one thing to throw a virtual event. It is an entirely different beast to add a physical component on top of that and deliver it across New England and beyond. They could have said no. They could have said it was too much. Instead, they said, “Let’s make something special.” I don’t know how I got so lucky to have such a team.

Looking forward, we have already booked Ye Olde Commons for next year. Assuming that the pandemic is sufficiently in decline, we will be back to in-person Yuletide shenanigans at *A Very Merry Yule at Crazy Uncle Cecil’s Tavern 1*.

Warmest regards,
Matt, Kelly, Beth, Becky, Pat, Sean, and Mike
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