Feast of Blackwood 2021

September 17 - September 19, 2021

Site was Lone Tree Scout Camp - Kingston, NH.

Event Holders were Matt Butler, Keith Cronyn, Benjamin Lacasse.

Event Description
Come one, come all Denizens of the Realms to Feast of Blackwood 1021, A Tale of 2 Feasts!

At Blackwood Tournaments, we were acquainted with some residents of what appears to a mirrored physical plane of Blackwood, and we became aware of the existence of a world ride with new locations, people and experience that beg to be explored by those brave and enterprising enough to ford the dimensional boundaries that confine us in our day to day lives!

Mediators and the royals of Blackwood have made arrangements with the political leadership of our new found neighbors for those in attendence of Feast of Blackwood to experience a holiday celebration and a tour of this new realm, and on the day of our feast, host some new friends at court.

We look forward to a weekend of exploration and new bonds being forged and would be so honored to share this with all of the realms.  We hope to see you there!
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